Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times ; an online News Source. She is from Gujranwala, Pakistan.  She has a passion for writing and intends to bring positive change through her words in world. She has worked at Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industries as Public Relations Manager. She has also been writing scripts for Current Affairs Department of Pakistan Television, Lahore Center. She has also worked in  Social Media Department of BitExtra Web Solutions. Her future plans are to establish Social Entrepreneurial Kitchen.

Tommy Scmitz is guy from Des Moines, Iowa, USA and writer of “Tokyo Twins” A serialized online story, a modernized parable of Buddha. He is recovering management consultant and began writing seriously about 18 months ago. Besides writing, these days, he is an activist for very low income and homeless persons, and lives in solidarity with such wonderful friends since October 2003. For a living, he runs a small fabrication shop for a small company in Des Moines, Iowa, and happily leave work filthy every day. He Grew up in Cincinnati’s west side, spent nine years in the corporate world, seventeen years running my own consultancy, mostly to car makers in Japan, China and the US. He lived in Tokyo from 1992 to 1999. Besides serving auto industry clients (Toyota, Honda, Denso, Robert Bosch, Mitsubishi) he was the first non-Japanese accepted by the government as a paid advisor to Japanese small and medium sized companies. (Chushokigyochou, Division of JETRO and MITI).

M.J. Akbar, Chairman and Director of Publications, Covert magazine, is a leading Indian journalist and author. He is founder and former editor-in-chief of The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. After successfully launching and establishing a weekly newsmagazine, Sunday, and a daily newspaper, The Telegraph, in the ’70s and ’80s, he briefly interrupted his career in journalism to enter politics in November 1989 as an elected representative in Parliament. He returned to writing and editing in 1993. His last book ‘Blood Brothers’, in the words of Khuswant Singh, “could be a textbook on how to write, mix fact, fiction and history. It is beautifully written; it deserves to be in Category A1.” Commercially speaking M.J. Akbar is that tangible asset without whom the balance sheet of Indian Journalism will never tally!

Syed Khalid Mehmood
Syed Khalid Mehmood

Syed Khalid Mahmood has had passion for writing and sports for long. He joined the mainstream journalism in 1987 and his first book was published later the same year. After having studied at the famed institutions like Cadet College Petaro and Delhi College, he graduated in civil engineering from the prestigious NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, in 1986. He has earned greater fame and recognition in the field of media being acclaimed as a leading international sports and travel writer, having worked for some of the eminent newspapers like The Frontier Post and The News International besides a brief stint with The Mississauga News. He has already authored 10 books viz Cricket Fever: A History of Pakistan-India Tours (2008); Mission Caribbean: A Guide to ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 (2007); World Cup 2003: Top of the Charts (2005); Spotlight on World Cup 2003 (2005); World Cup 1999: So Near Yet So Far (2000); Pakistan’s Sports Greats (1997); Pakistan: The Land of World Champions (1995); Pakistan’s Triumph in World Cup 1992 (1993); The Caribbean Challenge: A History of Pakistan-West Indies matches (1989) and Focus on World Cup (1987 and 1994).

He has had an active social life throughout. Having founded The Young Champs in 1984 he became the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Karachi Airport in 2008. Besides being the President of the NED Alumni Association he is also the Joint Secretary of the Delhi College & Schools Old Boys Association.

Dr. Rashid Ali grew up in Pakistan and completed higher Education in the UK. Holds a Phd in Aeronautical Engineering, from Loughborough University. Presently Lectures in the field of Automatic Control and Avionics, at Hertfordshire University UK. He is also the deputy chairman of the Aerospace and Defense Network, National Technical Committee on Autonomous Systems. He has Played professional cricket in South Wales, and continues to play for a Leading Cricket Club in the Buckinghamshire Cherwell Cricket League, as an all rounder. In the remaining time flies light aeroplanes for fun and spends time in building flight simulators. He is passionate about good food and a very accomplished cook.

Syed Faiz Ahmad with a pen-name of Faiz Al-Najdi, is a civil and structural engineer based in Saudi Arabia. He writes on current affairs and issues of human interest besides technical writings related to his professional works. He has been President of Pakistan Writers Club – Riyadh, which is an association of expatriate Pakistani writers, poets and journalists living and working in Riyadh. His works regularly appear in several journals in USA, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He is also the Middle East Bureau Chief for: DesPardes, and Pride of Pakistan. He has accomplished 20 research papers in international conferences, so far. This has taken him to several countries around the globe.

azhar-112.JPG Azhar Masood is Controller of News in PTV, and Chief Instructor of PTV Academy, working for Arab News. He has Covered Iraq War from Baghdad for CNN, BBC, FOX News, and Al-Jazeera and other regional channels. He covered conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina. He interviewed Yasir Arafat of Palestine, Paul Wolfoweit, Prime Minister Jean Ghteyan of Canada, Dr. Amar Musa of Egypt, Mr. Haris Slajic, Prime Minister of Bosnia Dr. Akbar Ali Vallayati, former Foreign Minister of Iran, President Kumaratunge of Sri Lanka, Mr. Kumar Su Bramanyem, Director of National Defence Institute of India, Mr. Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan, Dr. Ahmad Chalabi of Iraq National Congress, Mr. Hoshyar Zubari, Vice President Kurdish Democratic Party of Iraq

Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood is Pakistani serving in Consulate General of Pakistan Shanghai as Vice Consul. He holds Chartered Accountancy degree from Foundation ICAP Karachi, Pakistan. He also holds Masters degree in History and Economics. He has served in Provincial Government of Punjab in Judiciary, Administration and Revenue Departments; also worked in United Nations Division in Foreign Office Islamabad. Besides working in Consulate General of Pakistan Shanghai he loves reading and writing. He has consented to contribute his research articles for readers of Pakistan Times.

Sadaf Arshad works as the Executive Editor of South Asian Media Monitor at South Asian free Media Association (SAFMA). She has been writing for The Friday Times & The Post. Currently she is Columnist with English Daily Pakistan Today. She holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication and has a deep-rooted interest in subjects like peace and development, security, poverty eradication, economic, gender equality and minority issues.

Ahmad Hammad is a famous young Poet. He has a vast experience in electronic and print media as well. He worked as the Editor of World Times. He has been writing columns in various Urdu newspapers and anchoring TV show NISHIST on Royal TV; nowadays working with Waqt TV. He has been working as a Co-RJ at FM-103 for midnight shows. He is moderating the WHYS aired from the BBC. He has written two books on poetry including “Sham Be-chain Hay” and “T’ray Khyal Ka Chaand”. He has translated Allama Iqbal’s notebook “Stray Reflections” into Urdu. He has written a concise guide titled “Java in a nutshell”. He is an astonishing blend of IT and Arts, for he holds Master degree in Information Technology, Sun Java Certified Programmers’ certificate (SCJP) and has two books on poetry to his credit.

Desh Kapoor is a management consultant who advises Large Companies on issues related to Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. He comes from the diplomacy laden city of Delhi and is currently living in the US with his wife and two kids. He blogs on spirituality and political subjects on Drishtikone

Samad Khurram is student of Government and Economics at Harvard University. He writes regularly on politics and international affairs in his column “Escaping Quicksand” for the Harvard Crimson. Samad is an active member and confidant of many pro-judiciary forces, groups, publications and also runs the Emergency Times

Ambarish Pandey is currently working for Accenture in India, Bangalore. He is a Quality Analyst in the division of IDC of the firm. He holds Engineering Degree from Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, India’s second oldest Engineering college. Besides Developing websites and other software jobs he loves to blog on Women, Minority Issues. His hobbies are Cooking, Collectibles and Archeology(Egyptology), Bengal’s & Punjab’s Histor. His book on cookery in Bengali under title “Hesel”(Kitchen) has been published in


Mujahid Hussain Shah has been writing on socio-political, educational and psychological matters in various newspaper and magazines. He has published several researches on education, criminal psychology tribal warfare. Currently he is working as a Social Researcher in a semi autonomous educational agency “Sindh Educational Foundation”.

Mubasshir Mushtaq is a freelance journalist and corporate analyst for DinarStandard.com. He is the Indian correspondent for Egyptian website Islamonline.net. He also writes for Inquilab, India’s largest selling Urdu daily published by Mid-Day Group. His pieces have appeared in the Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle and Covert magazine. He specialises in law, journalism and current affairs. He says, “Business runs in my blood, law lies in my logic and journalism in my jaw.” He is 25 and holds a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Rabia Abbas is working for Pakistani Chapter of European NGO, 3Oth (Third World Talent Hunt) having Master degree in Business Administration. She is passionate to explore innovative ways of art, entertainment, fashion and to carry on uniqueness and to wake up the creativity in each person. She will contribute on Pakistan Times to promote Pakistani Culture and Art within Youth.

salman-akram Salman A. Sheikh is student of BBA. He loves to address subjects like Business and Entrepreneurship. He has also interest in writing Biographies especially Business Entities. For Pakistan Times he has specially dedicated time to write Biographies.

adnan2 Adnan Gill America based Pakistani with Masters in Political Science; is one of the founding political and defense analyst of the Pakistan Think Tank. Along with other reputable publications like the Dawn and the Chicago Tribune, his columns often appear in the Defence Journal. His forte is International Affairs and and he keeps close eye on Pakistani politics. For Pakistan Times; he has consented to dedicate time to address International Politics with special reference to Pakistan.

Riaz Toori has written more than 1000 articles on different socio-economic political issues and pined down the growing fear and paranoia by the terrorist activities. In true sense underscored the socio-economic problems of FATA.

Saleem Shaikh is a development journalist. He writes on water, sanitation, Fisheries, environment, climate change, Gender issues, agriculture, irrigation, alternative energy, drainage, rainwater conservation, women development, human rights, education, health, development budgets and political economy. He is associated with Pakistan’s premier English daily – Dawn in Karachi. He has worked with The Nation, The News, Geo News TV and DawnNews TV in Karachi in different capacities ranging from news reporting to news producing. He blogs at Saleem Shaikh.

Ahmad Fuad is working for Pakistan’s largest cellular company, Mobilink, as a Corporate Training Specialist. He has a vast experience of conducting trainings nationwide from entry level to the higher management of Customer Care, Sales, Human Resource, Admin, Corporate Accounts, Contact Centers, Customer Care Centers and Backend offices for different organizations like Mobilink, Daily Khabrain, LINKdotNet & Beacon House etc

He has delivered lectures at University of the Punjab and University of Central Punjab on Leadership and on Future of new Generation. He is a regular writer of Business and Sports pages of Daily Express Tribune and Manager Today. He has worked as a professional sports journalist for Daily Khabrain and has been writing bi-lingual articles since 1996 in different national and international News-papers & Magazines (Daily Nation, Daily Times, Daily News, Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, Urdu Magazine, World Times, Urdu Digest etc)

He has worked as an assistant manager at Quality Assurance and Training Dept, Team Lead & Team Coordinator at Mobilink. He has also been working closely with Human Resource Organization Development department on executing different trainings to achieve company’s overall objectives. He is known as a motivational speaker and a soft skills trainer who believes in bringing improvement in attitudes through analysis & trainings.

Rai Muhammad Azlan is blogger and a potential Entrepreneur. He calls himself an “Icon in the Making”. He is currently studying Marketing from University of the West of England. He is a proud Pakistani. His love for books, old buildings and sports forced him to express views over how world is shaping around him.