1. Submissions will be approved by Editor, Usually Pakistan Times places without
particular amendment.

2. Any URL will also not be published without the permission of Editor.

3. Pakistan Times appreciates if copied content is avoided.

4. Pakistan Times gives space to every submission that is in accordance
with the policy of Pakistan Times.

5. Any of the submissions is not entitled to payment.

6. Articles must contain 250-300 words under the categories given in
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7. Registration can be canceled if submissions are not being received
within the time period of one month.

8. An e-mail with Pakistan Times would be alloted to writers after a
certain number of publications.

9. Every writer has his/her independent opinion and Editor of Pakistan Times does not necessarily share the same opinion.

10. Pakistan Times would not be responsible for the integrity of the content being sent by the writers, thus any of the copied or other content being published on behalf of writers would be writers responsibility.

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