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Overseas Pakistanis ~ Bigger Asset

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If we living in Pakistan are made of brass then following the famous song it is said that overseas Pakistani are made of gold. There growth in term of development, success, prosperity and wisdom is impressive. The hard work of the overseas Pakistanis abroad is outmatched, whereas many were from lower or middle class strata and reached to the pinnacle of business and called tycoons.

Not only did they help their families financially, but they also helped keep our foreign exchange reserves safe. I call and admire these overseas Pakistanis for long since their contribution towards the progress of country is unexplainable. For a small boy like me is very common and popular admiring overseas Pakistanis.

During my several international trips, the love of overseas Pakistanis grew stronger. Accoss the world I made friends with them, as to they either feel alone or staying away from Pakistan makes them sad. However I learnt overseas Pakistanis are gems and better in many ways, although it was more like getting opportunities. Their hard-work and sufferings of staying away from families bore fruits, despite all this I found them always worried for Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis want to return to a new Pakistan

Following the examples of the countries residing; these overseas Pakistanis, always try to find solutions for development and suggestion for rapid growth. Interestingly major part of overseas Pakistanis believe Pakistan’s real problem is corrupt political system that destroyed the very base of country.

Imran Khan raised as a hope for them, hence they became the main source and support of Imran Khan and PTI. Therefore the funds to run the political party initially and ultimately stabilize the country poured in. Overseas Pakistanis would have always wanted to see Imran Khan in power with all their heart and soul.

There is fear among opposition over the right being given to overseas Pakistanis, as they are the major force behind Imran Khan and PTI. However beside the overseas Pakistani, disappointed youth within Pakistan and middle class’s will came in power in shape of Imran Khan in name of change. A Change that was expected to end era of corruption within institutions e.g judiciary, Army and corporate Mafias.

Unfortunately these mafia shadowed the thought process of Overseas Pakistanis recently who initially were all support to PTI government. I myself witnessed many overseas Pakistanis came to Pakistan during the 201 elections to vote for Imran Khan, also forced their relatives to vote for the PTI. It is truism now; Imran Khan came to power with the full support of Overseas Pakistanis.

Overseas Pakistanis have made history by sending unprecedented amount of remittances in PTI’s government comparing to any other time. hence Overseas Pakistanis helped Pakistani government to overcome Current Account deficit. With their support Foreign Exchange Reserves hit highest in history. Ultimately achieving impossible goals for Pakistan; overseas Pakistani have bigger role than people residing in Pakistan.

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Muammad Asim Siddique
Writer is Freelance digital media writer /Blogger / Social media Activist.
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