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Another US Foreign Policy and Military defeat ~ Afghanistan


America has exploited many countries including Iraq, Syria and Libya in the name of of so-called geopolitical competition and its liberal democratic nation-building projects: it has completely failed, leaving these countries exposed to terrorism, insurgency, civil war and poverty. Afghanistan is going to become another Vietnam as one of the most decisive American military and foreign policy defeats in history.

Despite the opposition, U.S. President Joe Biden strongly defended the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan and has stressed the need to pull out by the August 31 deadline. An aimless and inapt battle fought for two decades and an ultimate withdrawal of troops is more or less equal to confession of defeat. However the impact of this sudden withdrawal will leave the country in a chaotic state without a strategy and without any consideration for regional security. 

In an unwinnable war for 20 years Afghan people didn’t get the right to decide how they want to run their own country and suddenly U.S. President has decided that the Afghan people have the all right to decide their own future. A conflict waged has in retrospect, achieved absolutely nothing.

In recent past not only Afghanistan and Pakistan have suffered but U.S. itself has faced huge losses. According to the figures given by Defense Ministry of U.S spent over 800 billion U.S dollars and lost 2500 personnel’s along with 21000 injured soldiers. Furthermore, 3800 private American security contractors have lost their lives. Allied forces of America in particular NATO were also a part against Afghanistan in this battle and faced the damage of 1200 army persons. As far as Afghanistan’s domestic figures are concerned, hundred thousand civilians with over 70000 thousand security personnel’s lost their lives.

3 Million Afghani people migrated to Pakistan and a half million to Iran and 4 million people internally displaced within Afghan cities. In this process, Pakistan became the most effected country and faced a collateral damage of over 70000 civilians 10000 security person’s including billions of dollar’s economic loss. Unfortunately security situation became worst in Pakistan.

Despite huge support to U.S. and its allied forces these powers have always demanded for a “Do-More’ from Pakistan and never appreciated its part in war against terrorism. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan has always stressed for not being partner in war, but partners in peace. Interestingly U.S. against Pakistan’s current policy has again put forward a demand for air bases in Pakistan to use against its already war ridden neighbouring state, Afghanistan. This demand has been categorically denied by saying “Absolutely Not”.

It is ripe Time for America to admit her blunders in form of battle as the country once known as ally , Pakistan will not change its policy as per their demand. Pakistan is the main stakeholder in this peace process since this conflict originated publicly or through backdoor talks in president Trump administration.

Any civil war will further burden Pakistan’s economy with immigrants. Accept it or not, country had paid huge price sheltering Afghan immigrants and individuals remained beneficial. Pakistan is worried considering future developments in Afghanistan. Almighty may showers his blessings to our land as Prime Minister Imran Khan and Armed forces are playing their part in bringing back the peace and stability in neighborhood and wishes to rehabilitate migrants of Afghan war to their own country.



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