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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Lahore blast: A price must not be paid for Absolutely Not

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A blast has been heard near Ehsan Mumtaz Hospital, in Joher Town Lahore. So far 17 people have been reported injured and shifted to near by hospital by rescue teams. Two people have lost their lives. As per Deputy Commissioner Lahore nature of blast is yet not confirmed. However Bomb disposal squard and concerned authorities have reached at location to evaluate situation.

Mixed news coming from people living near by. News channels reported that blast was due to cylinder bursted in car or a gas pipeline bursted. However residents in area reported that blast occurred at location where Hafiz Saeed’s residence is. Hafiz Saeed is allegedly involved in Mumbai blasts and a bounty of 10 Million is announced by USA in 2008. He is head of banned outfit Jamat ud dawa.

Many reported that its his house that has been demolished completely. However official stance is yet to come. Assuming this true, it is feared it is the price for “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. A slogan got popularized in last week when Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to a question in interview regarding provision of airbases to US in wake of evacuating Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a strong stance over the war on terror. He has always reiterated the fact that Pakiatan has suffered more than any other country in this war, almost 70000 lives and 15 b dollars loses economy wise.

He being head of state needs to protect his people n his country, and being clear headed he always tried to take a stance that is popular in Pakistan and unpopular out of Pakistan. It would be appropriate to say NOT AFFIRMED by USA and allied forces.

Moreover FATF planery meeting held on Monday, 21 June to evaluate Pakistan’s status upon exiting from grey list. Meanwhile India categorically admitted that it has issues being Pakistan in white list of FATF. A traditional rivalry ove Indian Occupied Kashmir and alleged cross boarder terrorism on both sides have been main reasons for India’s sensitivity over FATF. This recent blast will raise a big question mark on Pakistan’s position one more time.

Let’s assume Pakiatan is one more time pressurized in wake of refusal of giving Airbases for Drones or FATF. And connecting dots that Hafiz Saeed’s residence area is targeted, a message has been conveyed that still they are capable of anything.

Whatever it may be this is large scale blast, and we can not elude the fact this area is sensitive. And keeping in view the circumstances and international scenarios, it is undeniable fact we are one more time target.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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