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No information on U.S. citizen abductors: Grossman


KARACHI: US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman reiterated that US has no information whatsoever concerning the abductors of Warren Weinstein, an American citizen said that Pakistan intelligence agencies are cooperating with FBI in the course of investigation.

While giving an exclusive interview to Voice of America (VOA) Pushto Service, US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman once again made it clear that Pakistan government especially Punjab government is cooperating with US government thick and thin.

Investigators say the kidnapping happened at 3:15 a.m. on Saturday. It’s the Holy month of Ramadan here, meaning a lot of Muslims fasting.

Investigators say at that hour, Weinstein’s three security guards and his driver were getting ready for a pre-fast meal in the front yard when they heard a knock at the front gate. It was three men, police say, who were offering food, which is very customary during Ramadan. But that turned out to be a ploy by the assailants to make their way in.

Once the front gate was opened, they forced their way in. In the meantime, other assailants, according to police, scaled the walls of the home, they tied up the security guards, pistol-whipped the driver and forced him to take them to Warren Weinstein’s room, and eventually left with him.

A security guard in the neighbor’s house says the assailants left with at least two vehicles. Warren Weinstein, according to police here, an employee of J.E. Austin, a Virginia-based development company involved in very important social and economic development work here in Pakistan.

No group has claimed responsibility for this kidnapping, nor has any group made any demands. Often times, people are inclined to think it’s Islamist militants involved in most kidnappings here, and sometimes they are, but investigators say most kidnappings are carried out by criminal gangs looking to make some quick cash by collecting on a huge ransom, he underlined.

In a question, he said that Pakistan must not give refuge to terrorists as they could be dangerous adding Afghan leadership wants reconciliation as strong and stable Afghanistan is in the interest of the entire South Asia.

He said that teenagers who are not more than eighteen years of age and now females are being used as suicide bombers is not an enriching sign as such things are depicting a horrifying and ghastly image, he urged.

US think that increase in number of troops is a good sign and is showing positive results, he said.

We want to break the network of Taliban tooth and nail, March Grossman went on to say.



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