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Pukh Theory – A Review

Pukh Theory is a multilayer book which contains 80 pages and 12 chapters. It is not only a book but is a movie, a story and a guru in its true form. The book politely tells the professionals that anyone with exceptional set of skills can become Danial but to be Lala, one has to have wisdom and true love for his work. This wisdom and true love for work can be found at writer’s place who describes it so conveniently.


Pukh Theory looks different from typical management books. Its title, page, font and especially the language used in the book are quite unusual. Everything is deviated, if not against, the rules of writing and publishing a book on a serious topic. Even the name of the book and the smiling hero at the title are not recommended for a book which is intended to be written to guide the CEOs of the organizations.

Smiling Gadha, be it Guru or the Pukh, on every page with a smiling face does not haunt you especially when the smile is not meaningless.

“Hain, ye kya???” is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hold this book in your hands. This “Ye kya” intrigues you to read it further; and this is how you go into a detailed read of it. It could be confidently said, in other words, that this is a psychological tactic that successfully engages the reader for a thorough read.

The content has been presented in the form of a lucid story woven around three characters i.e. Lala, Pukh and Danial. Through these characters the writer emphasizes that, to be a successful professional you have to have the willingness of Danial, the wisdom of Lala; and to remain successful, you have to groom Pukh in a structured way.

The book is easy to understand because it has used the story-telling technique which does not let the reader drift away from the text.

What should be appreciated greatly and given the credit of being relevant to the today’s world and which make it a prescription for the ailments of the modern organizations is; it contains a story which not only unfolds but also quite inherently queries the body and the anomalies of the culture of modern organizations—the corporate sector.

Pukh Theory does not overburden the reader with too many concepts rather is based upon one but crucial concept i.e. “Having Pukh”. The rest of the book revolves around it ascertaining a fertile impact achieved by the simplicity of the content and presentation thereupon.

The book discusses the challenges faced by a leader. It describes how the environment and people resist in enjoying the fresh air. It tells how a heart grooms a brain and how values lead skills towards glory.

It helps you understand the language of your heart and respond to it accordingly, and how the voice of heart influences others. It guides the reader as to why it is important to develop the left brain before getting the best results from the right brain.

The book silently leads you to the avenues of leadership while wandering about the streets of business management.
It is not that number 13 always brings misfortunes and calamities. And this optimism is supplemented by the Chapter 13 of Pukh Theory. This chapter has been left empty for you—the reader of the book. So that you may write your own words—your future on the pages of a dynamic chapter. In simple words, these pages are for the notes of the reader to be taken and reflections over the read to be written.

It is today’s book, for the people of today, for the industry of today and for the students of today. The book is actually aiming to face the leadership crisis which is expected in 2015.

Readers belonging to different factions of professions can learn from the book according to their need, as it caters to the readers ranging from the people managers to merely the students of management sciences.

As a people manager, you will find golden rules for your own growth and for the growth of your reportees. It contains all the guidelines for you and for your team leaders. You will learn an easy method to groom your people and to develop your replacement which will eventually ascend you to the next level.

Even if you know everything which is written in the book, you must keep with you to go through its chapters every now and then so that if you forget any of the lessons, you find your Guru very next to you.

Whenever you are free or whenever you are handicapped by the circumstances, open your bookshelf, go through it from anywhere and start doing your work. It will help you understand yourself, simplify the situations and groom your peers.
The book helps the executives and associates as well who wants to be people manager in near future.

As a people manager (CEO, VP, Director or manager), you can suggest today’s leaders to stop feeling insecure and start delegating their skills to groom tomorrow’s leaders by using the methodology Lala uses in training his new Pukh. And as a student of business administration/management sciences, you will find a Guru in it. Whatever the Guru Gadha says on each of the pages is a guideline for your career as you are the future management trainee and you are the future people manager.

Do not think of what the CEO Danial does to his team but just look at the thinking patron of Lala, you will become Danial at first and then will be Lala soon.

I shall highly recommend Pukh Theory to be your bed-book or at least to be kept in the bookshelf of your office and in the library of your university.

A very important point: We are afraid of having Pukhs but Lala tells why it is important to have Pukhs of every leader and if we keep avoiding Pukhs, our specie will not survive any longer.

Lala, the hero of the story, is the guru for all the managers and leaders of today’s organizations. Everyone seeks for a guru in real life who takes them through the difficult most phases of life and makes it easier for them and for their generations. Lala does the same for Danial and his successors. Danial includes all the people managers and all the leaders.

When the Danial is ready, the Lala arrives

The climax of Pukh Theory is its closing which is actually its beginning and a food for thought for everyone including Danials of the industry…

The Author
There is not much to say about Lala Farhad and Lala Faraz who see through the future and give instructions to the Pukhs of coming generations to face it with wisdom, vision and positivity.

Farhad said once, it takes 45mins to read “Pukh Theory”. That’s right but it takes 45 days to digest and 45 months to implement (as it is too simple to be acceptable for the traditional bosses). It is a master piece for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

About the author

Ahmad Fuad

Ahmad Fuad is working for Pakistan's largest cellular company, Mobilink, as a Corporate Training Specialist. He brings in over 9 years of diverse work experience in Trainings, Sports and Journalism. He is a Certified GEM international Trainer and has experience of conducting trainings from entry level to higher management for different domains of Customer Care, Corporate Accounts, Contact Centers, Customer Care Centers, Franchise Centers, Admin, Sales, Backend Support, Admin and Credit & Collection Departments of different organizations like Mobilink, Daily Khabrain, LINKdotNet & Beacon House School Systems etc

Ahmad is a regular writer of Business and Sports pages of Daily Tribune and Manager Today. He has worked as a professional sports journalist for Daily Khabrain and has been writing bi-lingual articles since 1996 in different national and international News-papers & Magazines (Daily Nation, Daily Times, Daily News, Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, Urdu Magazine, World Times, Urdu Digest etc)


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  • Dear Ahmad,

    You just keep on inspiring me with your great ability of providing something special everytime i read your articles. Every article or review you have written so far is great food for thought and surely triggers a lot of learning streams.

    Farhad’s book is a true reflection of how things are been done in our country’s corporate sector, Being attached with some of the leading national and multinational companies i can surely relate a lot of situation said and done in the every chapter of PUKH THEORY:)

    Its indeed a thought provoking topic that can be the key to sucess for any business enterprise. I am really inspired and touched with your thoughts about the book and you surely did it in the most simplest of ways for all those who did not got a chance to buy and read and book, your views will surely take them to the book stores. 🙂

    Keep Rocking!!


  • very nice introduction of book Ahmad Fuad. Your way of discription is really fantastic like always. I really want to read this book now. 🙂

  • Dear Ahmed,

    Amazing is the one word that comes into my mind after reading your review about the book,your writing style is really amazing because of the details you go into and cover all the aspects that a reader would like to know.

    For those who don’t know Ahmed: I met Ahmed Fuad in a training session few months back for the first time when I was attending his Customer Focus Workshop,He truly is superb professional,his training is fun,learning,meaningful and alive.I strongly recommend
    him for corporate trainings in pakistan.

    God Bless you Ahmad & wish you best of luck with your writing.

    Imran Nabi

  • ye sab bharway hain aur jis nay intro dia hia uski maa per pukh ko daalun. Machod hai sab jo tareef kar rahay hain