Pakistan’s Nuclear program

In last one month after watching different national and international media, I felt that “Pakistan and its Nuclear assets” is the hottest topic being discussed in political circles all around the world. International Print and electronic media is full of news reports about Pakistan and its nuclear assets.Question mark arisen on our nukes ‘s safety after May 2 2011 Osama incident in Abottabad and PNS Mehran attack incident in Karachi.

Recently two popular leaders of important Muslim countries Sudan and Iran gave very interesting statements about Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Muhammad Ahmedi Nejad said:

We have precise information that America wants to sabotage the Pakistani nuclear facilities in order to control Pakistan and to weaken the government and people of Pakistan,

Sudanese leader said:

“America keeping an eye on nuclear assets of Pakistan, they wants to eliminate them, Pakistan is main foundation of Islam its protection is the responsibility of all Islamic Countries”

If Iran and Sudan are skeptic about American role viz-a-viz Pakistan’s nuclear assets then its statement has a solid background. United States of America is giving statements against Pakistan‘s nuclear assets on daily basis, creating more confusion, on the other hand they are turning a blind eye on India’s insecure Nuclear program. According to different media reports Indian nuclear program is not safe and its security system has many loopholes. If we take a look on its recent nuclear history, we will notice that Indian nuclear security system is not really working properly, they had many nuclear scientists killed either by naxals or Christian extremists. Losing scientists in such a sensitive place is a serious question mark on their security system.In Dec 2009 Maharashtra police arrested when they were attempting to carry the material from an unidentified location in Navi Mumbai.

Most of Political experts are really worried about bad role of Washington in relation to Pakistan’s nuclear program,they are saying Pakistan is far away from U.S., then why they are afraid of nuclear weapons?Answer to this question is that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are threat to only one country and that is Israel,as it limits the political ambitions of Israel in Middle East.Israel’s safety is the fundamental pillar of U.S. foreign policy. U.S. is giving colossal $ 2-3 Billion dollar aid to Israel annually and is it has vetoed numerous resolutions against Israel in United Nation in recent years.

In the end we just want to say that ,it is confirm that Pakistan’s nuclear program is in danger due to our negligence, some outside forces are against our nuclear program. Pakistan authorities should keep themselves alert and they should be all prepared to face any kind of threat.

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