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Lahories and Food: Inevitables

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Lahore is a historical city, historians relate it to the son of famous Hindu mythological character Ram. Well whatever is the reason behind the name of the city Lahore, one thing will remain the fact that it is claimed to be the cultural capital of Pakistan. You are not born yet if you have not visit Lahore as per a famous Punjabi saying (jinnay Lahore nahee wakhya o jam’ya nahee). Lahore is popular for colleges and gardens but there is another very famous thing about the city and it is the food culture of the city.

Matchless, amazing, I love it, cannot compromise over it, it is awesome, but too much verity confuses me. I am feeling hungry now. These are some of the answers to the question, which was asked from few people regarding the food culture of Lahore.

No doubt, there are countless options for meals and number of awesome places out there in Lahore where one can enjoy the spices and taste of Lahore it can be anything like, Phajjay kay Payee, Hafiz kay Chanay, Paratha Gali, Gogay kay Chanay, Bhatti ka Haleem, Lahore Broast, Paisa Akhbar ka Bong. Paratha Rolls liberty, Qemay walay naan, Hareesa, Chicken tikka, Chicken Karahi, Daal Chawal, Biryani, Peshawari Chappal Kabab. Taka Tuk. Chargha (by the way Lahore is world famous for its Lahori Chargha), Fried fish. Halwa Poori from Capri, Falooda, Qawah, Kashmiri Subz Chai (Green Tea), Lassi of Gawalmandi, Nihari. Samosa, Katlama, Baraf ka Gola, Murgh Chanay, Sardar ki machli, Kheer, Fruit Chaat, Dahi Bhalley, Paan, Sajji. Butt ki Karhahi. Butt ka Halwa.

Above is the small list of some of the famous things that are part of food culture of Lahore. The importance of food in the culture can be checked from the fact that food street became the heart of the heart of Pakistan. Lahories are famous for their eating habits, tons of chickpeas and hundreds of kilos of meat are consumed just in the breakfast in Lahore. The kind of breakfast Lahore offers is sometimes hard to have even in the dinner if one does not have a stomach familiar with Lahori apatite. Still today, guests in Gwalmandi are entertained with lassi rather than tea or any cold drink.

With the time, there have been changes and there have been innovations in the variety of eatables, the addition of burgers and than shwarmas is proof of it, along with the glory that regional food spots are enjoying the international food chains is also doing well in the city.

Though the change is inevitable in anything but there have been a drastic change in the food culture of Lahore. Lahore that was famous for the people who seldom make breakfast at home and most of the times take dinner and things related to food as the biggest entertainment, today things are not the same for the city. Where the wave of price hike and the scarcity of food have hit the whole country, there Lahore and Lahoris have also been prey of it. It has changed the way food culture of Lahore used to be but still in such hard times, the passion of Lahories is still fighting to keep this fame alive.

At the end, I will quote one of my friends who said;

Taste matters … First priority is taste … not ambiance, not brand… taste must b good…

This is the passion and the soul of the whole thing that keeps the Lahore, Lahories, and its food culture going.

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Rai M Azlanhttp://www.mylandpakistan.com/
Rai Muhammad Azlan is blogger and a potential Entrepreneur. He calls himself an "Icon in the Making". He is currently studying Marketing from University of the West of England. He is a proud Pakistani. His love for books, old buildings and sports forced him to express views over how world is shaping around him.
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  1. Thats great article.. No doubt, Lahore is famous for its hot food spots… Where ever you go in Lahore, there is something special in food in any area/block. And the thing that Lahori are open heart add another flavor.. Where ever you go in Lahore, you find top food spots and enjoy eating things which are tasty with no doubt 🙂


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