Osama lives in our hearts

Long back U.S. created an iconic and legendary artist – Osama Bin Laden. U.S. obnoxiously invested so much in this personified identity, and forgot to evaluate the outcome of the scenario if this dignified fanatic becomes barmy and nuts and gets out of there hand. But considering the providence, this happened. His debut appearance was during the Russian invasion where he pinned them down and forced them to exit. Soon he started his own brigade and then later on, was betrayed by the Saudi’s. This Wahabi mujahid not only dumped and ditched U.S. on the “prom night” but also showed them appropriate fingers are the right times. Like the 9/11 incident which is claimed to be his magnum opus act, but it didn’t seem like he was skilled enough to plot it.

His counterpart is Barrack Obama whose government is a complete failure and flop on the big screen. His inept and ineffectual administration is fooling his own citizens again just like Bush did with the help of Osama’s video clip. Unlike Bush, Obama came up with photo shopped pictures of Osama’s dead body. Just before the election he played his cards right on time. According to US media reports this operation was executed on 1st May and is claimed to be done without the knowledge of Pakistan Army or ISI. U.S. Navy Seals were affianced in this operation and they invaded the terrain where Osama was hiding. They engaged, wedged him and left. Later they shot him in the head and dumped the corpse in the sea just like nuclear toxic waste, who knows he may come back as Davey Jones. Two choppers were used in this operation. One of the pilots could handle the charisma of Osama that he crashed his brand new helicopter into the compound.

Apart from this sequel, keeping the tale aside that either he was in Pakistan or not but points to ponder are, How can some one just hop into your terrain, operate and leave. Pakistan Army and ISI have sacrificed the sovereignty of the state. It would be a cardinal sin to assume that this incident wasn’t in their knowledge; they might have fully or partially supported it. If this blunder was not in there awareness then this is more thought provoking and insulting. Pakistani forces and ISI are world’s best and still such lame stuff. There is definitely more to this story which we will never be told.

Finally after numerous deaths this character has been put to rest. The whole serial wasn’t directed well at all, they left many loop holes in it. It seemed that the janitors of this drama were in some sort of hurry in which they overlooked to fill in the minor spots. But let’s look at the post match effects of this event, who would be benefited and who may face the music.

  1. U.S. can convince others and pressurize for more operations in Pakistan keeping this event as a base and declaring it as Terrorist state.
  2. Obama and his forces can leave Afghanistan by claiming that they have killed the leader. It is an easy way out.
  3. Afghani Taliban’s can now turn towards Pakistan and take out the revenge.
  4. Obama’s popularity graph has risen once again, he is ready again for the next election, and he has won the confidence again.
  5. Dollar would become stable in the market.
  6. US can now easily justify their drone attacks.
  7. Pakistani Forces can now demand to stop these drones.
  8. Indian and Afghanistan have a good opportunity to start the blame game once again.
  9. Pakistan would know who their real friends are in this time of need.
  10. The performance of ISI must be questioned hardly after this event.
  11. Pakistan Army should come up with a good excuse rather then showing their incompetence as they would be questioned by the media.
  12. U.S. should be harshly asked by the global media to present any foolproof evidence of the killing and then dumping in the sea.

Apart from these few outcomes there are many more. Osama has left with many questions unanswered. This man made character has been appearing many times on screen but with the same role and his legacy might end here, or who knows many others would be inspired by his skills and idealize him. If these questions and comments are left unanswered, Obama will live in our hearts forever.

Cat has nine lives but Osama had more. Benazir Bhutto predicted in 2007-8 that Osama is dead long before, but soon after this news she was also assassinated. Several times more U.S. have claimed to kill him in drones. But somehow he just came back from the dead. Finally America has decided to leave him. Just for the information, Osama had four wives only and roughly around 24 children more or less as sources report. Osama also has wished, as you can evidently see it from his Will which came out just recently. He wants none of his children to join Al-Qaeda, may be he wants other children to join, be trained and bombard themselves. He wants her widows to not marry further, strange but that’s what his will says. Her daughter has also confirmed that “yes daddy is dead”, sources U.S. media.


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