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Sindh farmers demand action against Irrigation officials

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HYDERABAD: Growers of Sindh have urged the government to take action against the irrigation department officials who were found responsible in an inquiry commission report for breaches which inundated the province during the floods last year.

At a meeting of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture here, the growers said they fully support the findings of an inquiry commission, which was formed by the apex court, and that its recommendations should also be implemented by the government.

Vice President of SCA Akhund Ghulam Muhammad Siddiqui while presiding over the meeting recalled that the flood caused hundreds of billions of rupees loss to the agriculturists whose ripe crops were destroyed and lands rendered uncultivated of Rabi crops.

“It was a double loss, the standing crops were ruined by floodwater and sowing of Rabi crops became impossible as the floodwater took months to recede,” he said. In light of that massive devastation which, he said, was caused by negligence of the Irrigation Department officers, punishment for those responsible is necessary to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Meanwhile, growers attending the meeting also demanded the government to end the system of water rotation in the distributaries and water channels linked with Rohri and Nara canals. Nabi Bux Sathio, General Secretary of SCA, told the meeting that water discharge at Sukkur barrage was 98,000 cusecs and at Kotri barrage it was 40,000 cusecs.

He said the water level in river Indus was high, therefore, there was no need to continue with water rotation. On another note the growers said they were prepared to counter the propaganda launched by the industrialists of urban areas who seek new taxes on the sector.

In that regard, Anwar Bachani said they would make a documentary showcasing the tribulations of growers from sowing of crops to their harvest. The documentary would be shown on different television channels, he added.

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