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Increasing water inflows in Indus, Jhelum good for power generation and agriculture

Karachi: Water level at both the major reservoirs of the country Tarbela and Mangla has shown improvement this week. According to data of the Indus River System Authority (Irsa), the water level at Tarbela was recorded at 1,421 feet and Mangla at 1,164 feet, which is 43 feet and 124 feet above dead levels, respectively. Rising water level will have positive impact on both power generation and agriculture.

The Irsa data further said that a total inflow of 113,800 cusecs and outflow 155,000 cusec was recorded at the Tarbela.
Water level at Mangla was recorded 1,164 feet, which was 124 feet above the dead level of 1040 feet with a total inflow 51,100 cusec and outflow 50,000 cusec. Contribution of River Kabul and Chenab 40,200 cusec and 41,500 cusec was recorded respectively, according to Irsa.

Falling water levels in two giant water reservoirs had resulted in sharp fall in energy shortfall and farmers were worried about it. Because falling water levels in these reservoirs at a time when growers are preparing there farmlands for Kharif crops is dangerous and can result in low water supplies for their lands.

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