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PIMS short of life saving equipments

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) is lacking life saving equipments. Attendants and patients were in tension when this scribe visited ICU and dialysis unit in the hospital on Monday. “What does dialysis mean for a patient of the kidney, every body know that but we are made to wait for long,” said a daughter who accompanied her father who was in intense need of dialysis.

There were seven dialysis machine in the hospitals’ dialysis unit and one of them was out of order, when various wards were visited. “Actually, we run the unit for 24-hours and we seldom find time to rest the machine and changes tools in it. So sometime the machines start giving problems. But the real problem is not that. Rather, on record, we have to deal with 23 to 24 patients per day and a patient’s dialysis need 2-3 hours,” said a technician and a nurse on duty in the dialysis unit.

So how is it possible to treat all the patients rapidly and at the same time find time to revamp the machines, its number should be enhanced, they added. The second important facility that the capital city’s biggest health facility is lacking is ventilators which are as doctors said essential life saving equipment.

“Right now we were told to shift to Al-Shifa International hospital for surgery as no ventilator is available and my patient needs to be operated in few hours,” said an attendant waiting for stretcher in the emergency unit.

The emergency, ICU and the dialysis unit have some ventilators but it doesn’t fulfill requirement of massive pouring of patients into the hospitals, said a doctor on duty. Without ventilators operation become extremely dangerous, he added.

If there are ten beds in a ward, then all the ten have ventilators besides an extra one in specific facilities like ICU. But, some time serious patients over-number the facilities, he said. “However, despite deficiencies they (doctors) are working hard to save lives and treat patients properly. The government should enhance facilities and then make the administration responsible,” said Ziyad Khan, a patient hailed from AJK.

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