Nisar says govt has failed in catering to masses in Budget 2011-12

ISLAMABAD – Opposition Leader Ch Nisar Ali Khan Monday said the government has failed in addressing the real public to achieve targets fixed for the current financial year. “No aspect of this budget deserves appreciation or desk thumping…The government did not incorporate PML-N’s recommendation in budget in last two years,” he was addressing the National Assembly debating the Federal Budget 2011-12.

He proposed that the the budget making process should start in November or December every year in the Parliament and its committees and the bureaucrats of finance ministry had no right of making the budget. “Instead of baboos, the budget should be made in this house by the people’s representatives,” he said.

“Today sycophants have majority in the house and it is unfortunate that those who criticize government policies have turned into minority,” he said, adding that the government had missed all economic targets as GDP had fallen from 4.5 to 2.5, savings have reduced from 15.4% to 13.5% while investment had slashed from 15.8 to 13.5%.

Ch Nisar in his long tirade disclosed that the government ministers took dictation from military men during joint in-camera sitting of the parliament for drafting resolution passed unanimously that was against the supremacy of the parliament.
“During the joint sitting, some ministers frequented my chamber for consultations on draft resolution but when I came in the house they were not present there while Prime Minister was sitting on his seat…..First I thought they would be consulting President Zardari but later I came to know that the President was abroad…Then I learnt that the missing ministers were taking military top brass on board the text of the resolution that was quite a shame for the whole parliament,” Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said.

He said three main sectors including manufacturing, agriculture and service had missed targets. “Inflation has soared from 9.1pc to 14.3pc and according to some surveys to 18.6pc and 24.3pc. Deficit increased from 4pc to 6pc while there was 15pc increase in public debt which has now reached to the figure of Rs 1 trillion,” Ch Nisar said. He said according Asian Development Bank report, 42.6pc people in Pakistan were living below poverty line.

He proposed setting up of a Monitoring Committee of the House to ensure implementation of the budgetary proposals and submit report in the House after every three months. Ch Nisar said the rulers were running the affairs of state in Nero’s manner. “I admit that the PML-N’s protest during budget speech was somewhat harsh but we were helpless as the treasury party was continuously ridiculing parliament,” he said, adding the PML-N liked an opposition that could protect parliament’s sanctity through accountability of the government.

He said the masses had not awarded the country to President Zardari on contract. “He (President Zardari) has not won contract from masses to destroy the country…He has no contract of trampling parliament’s supremacy and ridiculing judiciary…He also has no right to sell country’s interests to foreigners,” he said, adding that whenever in the past Zardari had faced personal attacks, he delivered speeches across the country and never hesitated in using Sindh card ‘but when the country is being attacked he has sealed his lips.’

Ch Nisar said Prime Minister addressed the nation for giving three year extension to one man (Army Chief) but he did not appear on TV to address the nation on May 2 and PNS Mehran attack incidents. Without naming Rehman Malik, he said that one minister had the complaint with the opposition that the opposition had no right to insult the government functionaries. “Stop lying to nation you will face no insults….You are insulting the whole nation through telling lies,” he said.

Sharing some other details of in-camera joint sitting of the parliament, Opposition Leader said that the parliamentarians from the treasury benches, during joint sitting, were flattering military men that hurt him a lot. “When I challenged some military officers on some points, I met hooting from the treasury lawmakers,” he said. He said unanimous resolution passed by the parliament threw in the bin at Clinton’s visit He announced that he would expose all facts about in-camera joint session of the parliament to the media so that the people could learn about real faces of some men. “Deputy Chief of Air Staff said at one stage that they were clear about Pakistan’s enemies but the confusion lied in policy making institutions….I challenged him that who was at the helm of affairs in 1965, 1971, and 2001 and who were making and implementing the policies at that times,” he said.

Nisar feared that the future of the country was not safe in rulers’ hands. “The country has reached at the brink of collapse….while the rulers have taken the country as their ancestral inheritance…..Public money is being spent on the publicity for image building of 19 years old student (Bilwal Bhutto)…..Rangers have been provided to some private persons for security who safeguard rulers’ vested interests in the times when people are dying with hunger,” he said. Nisar said the foreign trips of President and Prime Minister cost Rs 5.5 million daily to the people of the country.

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