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Friday, June 25, 2021

Nine persons, including woman killed, 3 wounded in target killings

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KARACHI: Nine persons, including a woman were killed, while 3 were wounded in various cases of target killings and firing. Two dead bodies, of man and woman, bearing marks of severe torture have been discovered from Gulshan -e-maimar area; whose identification according to police has not yet been established.

Meanwhile in the Sunday/Monday midnight, pillion riders, allegedly by Ahmad Ali group of gangwar fame opened fire on moving vehicles and people, ostensibly, according to police, just to create panic and fear among people.

The firing killed four people seated outside the “Hot & Spicy” restaurant, which included 50-year old Abdul Mateen s/o Abdul Aleem and 26-year old Sanaullah s/o Ahsan while two persons, 18-year old Sajid s/o Amin and 26-year old Salahuddin, s/o Siraj have been wounded.

The ensuing Panic and fear, also caused the closure of all the businesses in PIB on Monday morning, while in order to ward of any unwonted incident, patrolling by heavy contingents of police and rangers was initiated.

Meanwhile a 50-year old Maskeen s/o Gul Zaman, a retired employee of KDA has been knifed, over what police claims to be a personal feud; while another 30-year old Zahir Khan s/o Hamrahi has been murdered with hammer strokes, allegedly by Hazrat Hussain over personal enmity.-Online

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