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Efforts underway to introduce post-harvest mango technology: DG Sindh Agriculture

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MIRPURKHAS: Director General Agriculture Research Sindh Hidayatullah Chajro has said that efforts were being made to introduce post harvest technology in Sindh Horticulture Research Institute (SHRI) Mirpurkhas for maintaining the freshness of mangoes and promoting its export. He added that the farmers should resolve their field problems for higher export of mangoes.

He was speaking as chief guest at an interaction program of growers and exporters for increasing mango exports, held in the hall of Sindh Horticulture Research Institute, Mirpurkhas in connection with the 46th National Annual Mango and Mega Summer Fruitd Festival Mirpurkhas- 2011 which was attended by Director SHRI Mirpurkhas Dr. Atta Hussain Soomro, growers Anwer Gondal, Umer Bughio, Mohammad Moosa Dal, Hadi Bux Leghari, General Manager Horticulture Board Abdul Razzaque Malkana, Ch Mukhtar, Noor Mohammad Bhurgari, government officers, agricultural experts etc.

He said that mango exporters should attend the seminar and Mango Festival and added that sudden death mango disease was damaging the mango orchards. He advised that the growers should contact the Agriculture Research Department in the initial stage of the disease to protect the trees from complete devastation.

He stressed on the need to upgrade the soil laboratories and said the people should use fertilizers after soil test of their agriculture land. Director Sindh Horticulture Research Institute (SHRI) Mirpurkhas Dr. Atta Hussain Soomro said that he has given the slogan “To save mango trees from cutting and adopt modern technology to acquire a reasonable rate of mango crop.”

Delivering his lecture on modern technology he said that premature harvesting of mangoes should be stopped as the crop was damaged by this practice. He said the contractors adopt this practice to fetch a high rate of mango in the local markets but added that we can not export that category of mango.

He said that mangoes, particularly Sindhri mango should be harvested at its time recommended by agriculture experts so that we could maintain its size, weight and best taste. He said that farmers should acquire hydro cooling process of mango and establish a hut in the field. He asked the growers to demand hot water treatment plant and radiation plant in Karachi and Mirpurkhas to maintain an international standard of mango for its export to USA and European countries.

Dr. Atta Soomro advised the growers to form a joint zone to protect their mango crop from fruit fly. He said that mostly farmers have no processing facilities at their farmland and demanded of the government to ensure provision of processing facilities at Mirpurkhas for the mango crop.

He also asked the growers associations to ensure availability of processing facilities at their farmland for exporting higher volume of mango crop. He asked the growers not to uproot the mango trees while adopting modern technology in order to obtain best taste of a mango crop.

He said that there was no haris’ share in this crop while very little fertiliser was used for mango crop. General Manager Horticulture Board Abdul Razzaque Malkana advised the growers to form their groups or cooperative societies for maintaining field facilities for mango because farmers individually could not arrange these costly field facilities.

He said that the Horticulture Board with the cooperation of an exporter had installed a hot water treatment plant. Landlord Hadi Bux Leghari advised the growers to implement the recommendations of mango crop researchers for getting the best mango crop and resolve field problems for exporting mango to Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

He said that this year the mango crop was better than last year in Sindh province. He asked the growers to jointly form a body for acquisition of the costly modern technology. He said that there was need of further research on Sindhri and Chonsa mangoes.

Landlord and Chairman Organizing Committee of Mango Festival Anwer Gondal advised the administration of the Institute to organize more such seminars or interaction program for spreading knowledge so that the growers could adopt and implement modern procedure of mango harvesting, its packaging and washing.

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