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WAPDA activists protest for fulfillment of their demands

QUETTA: Pakistan Wapda Hydro-Electric Central Union (CBA) arranged a protest in which thousands of activists protested for fulfilling their demands in front of Quetta press club here on Thursday. The provincial Chairman of Union Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai, Deputy Chairman Ghulam Rasool, Secretary Abdul Hai, Finance Secretary Malik Muhammad Asif and Secretary Broadcasting and Publication while addressing the protesting activists said that due to the12 to 18 hours electricity load shedding done by WAPDA, increase in electricity rates, loss of Billions of rupees every month due to corruption mismanagement in the national treasure various companies are facing a lot of difficulties.

This is the reason why WAPDA has given a written statement demanding the dissolution of PEPCO up till 30 June from the KPK court. Two justices of KPK court while giving their remarks have said that if PEPCO was not dissolved up till 30th June then the court will issue the notice of contempt of court.

It has become clear that because of the dictation given by IMF and World Bank, PEPCO and various other companies are declining. The efficiency of all such companies has become poor due to the political intervention, mismanagement, increase in load shedding, increase in electricity rates and loss of billions of rupees to the national treasure. The customers of electricity and most of the population is facing a lot of difficulties, on the other hand KESC employees have become insecure.

QESCO has sold 2.53 billions of electricity in the month of April, whereas it has recovered only 3 hundred and 30 million from its customers and most of it has been paid by the customers of Quetta. There were about 5 thousnad illegal tube wells in the area of QESCO which has crossed 7 thousand now; this has direct implications on the customers who pay the bills.
Government if of the view that WAPDA and its companies are commercial institutions, but the fact is that QESCO has took a loan of 1 billion 6 hundred and 8 million from Kuwait, this loan was given to every MPA, MNA, Senators, Governor Balochistan and others for spending in various scheme sin their own areas. These schemes have increased pilferage of electricity instead of providing any advantage to QESCO.

These schemes also are giving loss of billions of rupees. According to the Editor General report the government has given a loss of 26 billion 5 hundred and 2million to the national treasure through rental power plants.

Protestants demanded to dissolution of all such companies, should give all the management authorities to WAPDA, should cancel the contact of KESC and should also restore the jobs of KESC employees. Once management authorities are handed over to WAPDA it should make a WAPDA authority for making the system of electricity better in the country.

Before 1958 there were problems due to such small companies and which had direct implications on the industrial and agricultural progress in the country, but after the establishment of WAPDA in 1958 the electricity issues were not that complex up till the year 2000.

It is the need of hour that the government should make its own policy instead of taking dictation from World Bank and IMF, regarding the production, delivery and division of electricity. It should take all necessary measures for resolving the issues of load shedding and inflation. -Online

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