Playing with fire!! North Waziristan Agency

Pakistan is going through the most critical phase of its history. A deadly wave of suicide attacks and incidents like “Operation Neptune Spear” and “PNS Mehran base attack” are really rubbing salt on wounds; Pakistan already has in wake of war on terror. On several pockets Pakistan’s military is fighting against terrorists as front line state ally of U.S. Meanwhile
Pakistan Government and especially Pakistan military is under huge pressure within and outside of the country and there are lot of question marks raised on the performance of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies .

U.S. political and military establishment is pressurizing for past few months to conduct a full fledged military operation against militants in North Wazirstan Agency. After U.S. special forces operation in Abbotabad killing OBL’s provided a solid reason to do more in form of attack Haqqani group in North Waziristan Agency that is allegedly involved in attacking the troops in Afghanistan. Sources claim U.S. Secretary of States Hillary Clinton in her surprise visit has demanded Pakistan to go decisive on terrorists and taking advantage of the situation, a list of wanted terrorists was handed over to Pakistan, which includes Aymen-al-Zawari, Atiya Abd-ur-Rehman, Mullah Omer, Siraj Haqqani and Ilyas Kashmiri where a deadline for Mullah Omer was also given.

Pakistanis are in state of shere confusion on several things:
> Pakistanis really don’t know who real enemy is? Taliban or America!
> They also don’t have an idea that ‘War on Terror” is Pakistan’s War or America’s war
> In absence of clear foreign policy from government people are more confused.

Pakistani media is adding to this confusion. Pakistan’s Political leadership is either unaware of the gravity of situation or pretending to be innocent. Attack on sovereignty of Pakistan and the war cloud hovering over are unforgivable. Current government has been failed to solve problems including Electricity, Inflation, Unemployment and Terrorism.

Wall Street Journal has claimed that Pakistan is in preparatory stages to launch a military operation in North Waziristan Agency. While Corps Commander Peshawar has informed media that their is no such dictation has been given to him. News has revealed that U.S. wants a full fledged operation in NWA similar to Swat operation and South Waziristan. However Pakistan is not ready to shove its Army in one more front and favours a selective target based approach to fight terrorists in NWA.

Political experts has advised Pakistan Government to take the public, media, opposition parties and intellectuals in confidence on this issue PPP’s political leadership ever wants to come again in power. Thus before initiating any kind of military operation against terrorists in NWA it is important to take every stakeholder on board. However there has been few allegedly unsigned treaties between U.S. and former president Musharraf that allows U.S. to conduct unilateral attacks on Pakistani soil. Intelligence sharing has been key element in fighting terrorism war whereas drone attacks have been killing innocent Pakistanis too. Here the need arises: to comprehend mandate of U.S. mantra of “do more”.

It is inevitable this time to say No to U.S. while opening another front; Pakistan should make clear to Americans that only selected targets will be allowed in the NWA operation against terrorists. Meanwhile a joint operation with Pakistan that reportedly consented by U.S. is better idea where U.S. has made it clear that joint operation can only be valid option if Pakistan cooperates in arresting most wanted militants.

The double game of U.S. is needed to be unveiled at every front and before playing with fire one more time Pakistan needs to see how it will effect Pakistan.

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