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Over five million tons of wheat procured

ISLAMABAD: PASSCO and the provincial food departments has procured 84.37 percent wheat of the target set for 2010-11, official sources said. In total 5,543,315 tons were procured till date while the procurement target set for the current year is 6,570,000 tons.

Out of the total procured wheat, Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Supplies Corporation (PASSCO) procured 973,368 tons of wheat. PASSCO procured 950,762 tons of wheat, in Sindh 18, 482 tons, and in Balochistan 4,124 tons.

While the provincial food department in Punjab procured 3,064,071 tons of wheat, food departments in Sindh procured 1,302,191 tons of wheat, food department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 122,266 tons of wheat and food department in Balochistan procured 81,419 tons of wheat.

It is pertinent to mention that this time the government decided to charge tax on sale of wheat if the seller is middle-man that is farmers would not have to pay the tax. The concerned section officer said that if a farmer directly sell wheat to the government then no tax is charged as per FBR rule.

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