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Good Bye Shahid Afridi

You dared to disagree with honorable king, the genius of all times, the greatest chairman of cricket history, someone who knows all the rules and regulations of the game and management. He managed lots of selection committees, captains of cricket and thousands of people from only one organization. You did not know you were playing with fire. You did not know he is Ghulam Muhammad of Pakistan cricket. He is great, he is the best, he is matchless and you thought you could win against his ego??? How silly are you…

One of the greatest batsmen of the cricket history, Muhammad Yousuf dared to be different and got punished. You think, making over 17000 runs at international level and having an inspirational personality for rest of the world means you can impress the god of the cricket board? You are so stupid, Lala…

You think, Younis could have played World Cup without saying sorry to the legendary character Mr. Ejaz Butt. He can afford to lose from any nation but not from his own players. He did not try to save Asif, Amir, Butt & Zulqarnain’s careers and disowned them as soon as they went against him.

You know, he is matchless. He has removed three selection committees and NINE captains in his two-and-half-years reign. He is the consistent most chairman of cricket board. He removed and appointed Shoaib Malik, he appointed and removed Younis Khan. He appointed and removed Muhammad Yousuf, Salman Butt was fortunate enough for not being removed by him but by the ICC. He appointed an out-of-sight player Misbah as test captain and now gave him a potential opportunity for the same game by removing you.

He did the same to coaches Jeof Lawson and Intikhab Alam and appointed Waqar Younis as coach. And about selectors, the story is same; Abdul Qadir had same issue with chairman PCB that he interferes and does not let him do his job, independently. Iqbal Qasim was the second one to go and then he found Mohsin Khan who does not go against chairman’s will. How dare you thought to do this, Afridi.

Dear Afridi, don’t you know what a phenomenal career he has? He played 8 test match for Pakistan and made 279 runs with an amazing average of 19.92 runs and you have played 27 test and 325 ODI matches only. You have made 6695 runs in ODIs only and have hit 289 sixes. The count of your sixes is just above the total runs of the legendary Ejaz Butt. You have taken 315 wickets in ODIs only. Your records are not as impressive as his are.

What maximum you could do for us. You could earn world records for us, you could win victories for us, you could become highest wicket taker in World Cup, you could win matches single handedly, you could bring people to the stadiums, you could hit maximum sixes, you could become world’s favorite and reliable all-rounder, you could stand with your decisions, you could tell rightly people about their job, you could lead the team to the semifinals after 12 year, You could win hearts of the nation?

And you think, it was sufficient to win heart of the great chairman? No… No way… you have to be politician and you have to have a “Yes Boss” attitude to retain your position. Don’t you see how effective the chief selector is, without having any authority? He doesn’t select anyone who is against the chairman.

You are living in fool’s paradise, Lala. You should have done what your boss wanted. Coach, manager and captains are just the puppets in the hands of the chairman. He is such an influential personality that even Patron of the Cricket is not reluctant about his qualities then who are you to do so?

Come on Afridi, be a good and gentle man, pay a visit to his highness, say sorry for your actions and words and ensure that you never do what he does not like.

The request comes from the heart of a cricketer and a fan who believes that you were the only person who united the whole nation and the team after Imran Khan. We want you to play.

And “Your highness, I feel sorry on the behalf of these three below average (Yousuf, Younis & Afridi) cricketers, sir. They did not know what mistakes they have been making. They never knew they had to surrender. They were stupid because they thought that they deserved to be handled in a better way because they were good performers. You have done an excellent job by telling them how to behave.

Sir, just one request on the behalf of the whole nation and the cricketers, for God’s sake, have pity on us and leave us alone…

About the author

Ahmad Fuad

Ahmad Fuad is working for Pakistan's largest cellular company, Mobilink, as a Corporate Training Specialist. He brings in over 9 years of diverse work experience in Trainings, Sports and Journalism. He is a Certified GEM international Trainer and has experience of conducting trainings from entry level to higher management for different domains of Customer Care, Corporate Accounts, Contact Centers, Customer Care Centers, Franchise Centers, Admin, Sales, Backend Support, Admin and Credit & Collection Departments of different organizations like Mobilink, Daily Khabrain, LINKdotNet & Beacon House School Systems etc

Ahmad is a regular writer of Business and Sports pages of Daily Tribune and Manager Today. He has worked as a professional sports journalist for Daily Khabrain and has been writing bi-lingual articles since 1996 in different national and international News-papers & Magazines (Daily Nation, Daily Times, Daily News, Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, Urdu Magazine, World Times, Urdu Digest etc)


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  • true depiction of what a cricket fan feels about his resignation.. we have established custom of dishonoring our legendary players.. at least we are registering protest.. I believe nothing is gonna change though

  • Excellect!!well done write-up!!!Afridi we love u and we want you back,and please for us say sorry to the Food Factory(Ejaz Butt)…….

  • Really we nation of pakistan will miss Shahid Afridi. What a silly Butt! you forgot world cup performance. Who was best bowler of world cup? When your time could drap catche,it was Shahid whou used to make easy catch to difficult one. Shame on you Butt Sahib!

  • hahahahahahaha @ The count of your sixes is just above the total runs of the legendary Ejaz Butt.

    we keep on loosing our talented players and new ones keep on coming…. thats why they dont care

  • Shoaib Malik is a very very fine ODI player … laykin Butt sahb ki ego ………. If he was involved in fixing then dude why don’t you come up with evidences ……

  • Can you believe the way he treated one of the great batsman of world Yousaf ???? team is playing test matches without him ….. ‘shameful’

  • Well Done Ahmad… indeed a great write up and i liked both the approach and style!!

    and Afridi! we love you Lala … Geo Sar utha k

  • Thank you for your feedback, my friends
    I believe, any “Individual based” system will collapse just as PCB is going to. Ijaz butt is no different from the typical dictators.
    We have to raise our voice to destabalize such people.
    I must thank you for being with me against this series of foolish actions…

    • PCB needs to get rid of this fool named Ejaz Butt.. rest Pakistani cricket will go to dogs within itself.. external conspiracies were enough though viz-a-viz new “fool” is up in air..