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Foreign Media Responsible For Assassination of Pakistani Journalists

Foreign media and organizations will always say that freedom of expression and free journalism is something alien to Pakistani society. They know that yet they push young reporters to file stories that land them/their families into problems. Many pay the ultimate price to boost the sale of foreign media.

Many reporters are aggressive by default; encouragement makes them more insistent. However, grey-haired /white-haired editors are not/should not. Editors should not see damaging stories from purely business point of view; rather they should mull all the consequences.

Journalism should not be lost to commercialism. The killing of Saleem Shahzad will be forgotten after some time; the mystery (Whodunit) will never be resolved, Asia Times Online, like other media businesses, got publicity and will find people to become fuel of their lust to become popular.

But what about his family and kids, who will fill the gap in their lives. They have lost him forever. He will never come back for them. I can bet that his anniversary will go unnoticed and many more would have paid by then. Time will tell who was behind this crime, or any journalist can—

I feel obliged to request my colleagues to exercise calm and restraint.. every truth should not be unmasked. Some secrets are best when kept to chest. May Allah bless Saleem Shahzad and all other martyrs and give vision to the rest to discharge duties while remaining safe.

The statement of U.S. Secretary of State Ms Clinton is encouraging but will it help the slain reporter, the unfortunate widow or orphans. Money is very important thing but not most important thing. We should not do anything/everything for money and fame.

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  • So sad!!May Allah bless him.:'( who is responsible for this????Can anyone answer me??The nation is mourn for him……