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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

ISI officials declare murder of Saleem Shazad as National tragedy

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ISLAMABAD: ISI officials have declared the recent killing of journalist Saleem Shazad as quite a National tragedy, over which the entire Nation is grieved. In a statement released concerning the tragic incident, and spate of controversy rife in its aftermath, ISI officials have said that, nevertheless such incidents should not be used to malign National institutions.

Official TV channel, while reporting the rife controversial tragedy has announced that the 17th Oct 2010 meeting of journalists and government officials was a routine matter, as a certain wing is delegated for coordination with media over issues of National security.

It has been stressed that even the deceased journalist, Saleem Shazad had declared in his E-mails that the meeting was held in cordial and friendly atmosphere, while the agencies have also expressed their heartfelt condolences with the household of killed journalist. Implicating the agencies in this murder, by a section of press have been declared as baseless and lacking substance.

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