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We’ll continue to stand by Pakistani brethren: KSA

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador Abdul Aziz Bin Ibrahim Al-Ghadeer on Tuesday said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia trusts Pakistan authorities but they want killers of Hassan Al-Kohtani brought to the book. Addressing a roundtable conference titled as “Killing of a Saudi diplomat- Implications and Perpetrators,” arranged by a local paper, the Ambassador said, “We trust Pakistani authorities but now we are compelled to ask them to bring the culprits to the justice.”

“We understand that it was terrorist attack, and every terrorist needs to be brought to the book,” he observed. According to the Ambassador, the government as well as the people of Saudi Arabia understands that it was not the act of any Muslim Pakistani to kill his Saudi brother. “Even if the killer holds the Pakistani passport we would consider his heart was not that of a Pakistani Muslim,” he added.

“A day before he was assassinated on May 16, it was Sunday and he had organized a function in connection with Aqeeqa of his young child,” the Ambassador recalled. “Shaheed Hassan was married as recently as in May 2010,” he told the Roundtable conference.

“During the floods in Pakistan in July last, he stayed for 45 days with me working on relief in Thattha, Haiderabad and other flood-affected areas in Sindh and southern Punjab rather than staying with his newly wed wife in Karachi,” the Ambassador said.

“I assure you every Saudi is Hassan Misfir Al-Qahtan, ready to die in helping the Pakistani brethren in their tough times, since we believe that we are one family,” the Ambassador added.

Information Minister Firdos Ashiq Awan seconded what Ambassador Al-Ghadeer had stated in narrating her meetings with the Saudi Authorities during her recent visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“When I tried to explain to Saudi authorities that what happened in killing of the Saudi diplomat, they stopped me from making any explanation. They rather pointed out that they knew everyday Pakistani innocent people were becoming prey to the violent terrorism. Therefore they did not want their martyred brother to be differentiated from the Pakistani community being killed by the terrorists,” she added. They were rather sympathetic over the difficult situation in Pakistan due to terrorism.-Online

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