No need of N-league to get approval of 20th amendment: PPP

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Khursheed Ahmed Shah has made it clear that there is no need of Pakistan Msulim League (N) to get approval of 20th constitutional amendment from Parliament because the ruling alliance enjoy required majority. Talking to media men outside the Parliament house, he said, the constitutional amendment is being brought in the Parliament to grant constitutional protection to by-elections.

The amendment, he clarified, is not aimed to halt devolution of ministries to Province. The decision to devolve ministries to Province was taken before allocating ministries to Pakistan Muslim League (Q), he said. Responding to a question, he said, the 18th amendment was approved blindly in which various issues were not reviewed. Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) and workers welfare funds can not be dissolved to Province, he said.

EOBI’s asset has mounted to Rs. 200 billion and It can not be transferred to Province, he said, adding that, investment made by laborers in EOBI have also exceeded to 10.2 billion.

The federal minister said he has made it clear on implementation commission that the decision to devolve EOBI and workers welfare funds to Province would be wrong. We have strong reservation over devolution of EOBI and workers welfare funds to Provinces, he said. -Online

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