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Freedom Flotilla-II likely to take its journey to ‘Gaza’ by next month

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ISLAMABAD: Khubaib Foundation Tuesday asked the nation to have registered for the cause and donations pour in cash and kind to take a ship laden with relief goods and volunteers from Pakistan to reach out to the Gazans. Chairman Khubaib Foundation Nadeem Ahmed Khan said this while addressing a press conference here in national press club.

The Chairman said it is important to note that Freedom Flotilla journey undertaken on 31st May 2010 to Gaza who was suffocating in their own homeland at hand of Israeli goons. The Flotilla aimed to deliver ten thousand tons of humanitarian aid to besieged populace of Gaza that was mainly organized by Turkish philanthropic organization and five other international humanitarian organizations.

He said Mavi Marmara was the flagship containing more than 700 unarmed human rights activists onboard, who had come from thirty-six countries comprised of people from all walks of life including intellectuals, media persons, religious persons, volunteers and students. He said while the Flotilla was in international waters the unarmed activists were attacked by Israeli commandos. He said the attack ensued in the deaths of nine activists while fifty other were injured and the relief aid was confiscated by Israeli authorities and the activists taken to Israeli jails where they spent more than 48 hours.

The chairman Khubaib Foundation told the ‘Insani Haq-o-Hurriyat’ (IHH) partnered with twenty-two International Foundations has once again planned to deliver aid and hope to the Gazan brethren through Freedom Flotilla-2 comprising on fifteen ships, that is expected to take its journey on June 25, 2011 from Istanbul, Turkey.

Nadeem said this time Khubaib Foundation aims to muster support from the Pakistani nation in the form of volunteer registration as much as one million volunteers who are ready to take on the journey. Following this process the volunteers can register themselves Online by visiting Khubaib Foundation’s website i.e http://www.khubaib.org/freedomflotilla2/.

The Chairman told Freedom Flotilla-2 is humanitarian convoy that received the contribution of more than 22 countries mainly supported by Turkey to provide help to Gazans.. Moreover, the Chairman invited the International community through media to inspect Freedom Flotilla-2 whether these ships contain aid or weapons/deadly arms. In the end Mr. Chairman requested the Pakistani nation to warmly join hand with Khubaib Foundation in relief efforts for innocent Palestinians not only through internet rather by all means.

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