Suicidal Attacks on Job

Including Pakistan, the whole world has been experiencing severe job recession for last few years. It is not only frustrating for the employees but for the organizations as well. The recent economic crunch has triggered downsizing at all levels of almost every organization. Downsizing, right sizing, fats removal and such terminology actually caused joblessness. For organizations, it is unavoidable and for employees, it is uncontrollable. There are hardly few who could survive because of their planning or their good repute. An ultimate byproduct of this wave is job insecurity which keeps the employees awake all the nights. The jobs are more demanding now. Employees have to work really hard to get promoted and for few even the survival is a difficult task.

The organizations are more concerned with the productivity and output of their resources. Multinationals are taking more interest in that business model which has minimum cost involved and gives maximum revenue. Outsourcing is one example towards cost effectiveness. Organizations are following the same ideology (with minimum of cost, getting maximum revenue generated) for hiring employees. In the age of recession, organizations are very careful in hiring people and hardly make mistakes as hiring process also has a heavy cost involved for the resources and time. The management tends to hire right people only and they do not fire their valuable resources until it is desperately required. Firing an employee is the last option for any organization.

There are actually two reasons of firing the employee, one is Performance and the other is Values. Organizations do not give a second thought in firing those employees who do not respect their values however they always give a second or third chance to those who do not perform according to organization’s needs and employee’s job description.

To avoid any chance of getting fired because of violating the core values, every employee must get detailed information about the values of the organization he/she is going to join. Most of the organizations have a habit of advertising their core values on their websites as well and guide the employees on their orientation so that employees could get better understanding of the culture and values of the organization. Employees must respect these values to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant moment. Such actions not only cause joblessness but disrespect the employee as well which may hurt their future in the whole industry.

As it is discussed earlier, that organizations are very conscious about hiring and firing people and firing employee has never been their priority. They provide clear guidelines, job description and that what is expected from the employee in his specific role. Organizations always keep a strong check on employees’ performance which eventually decide their future whether the employee should continue his journey with the organization on same salary, should be given any increment, incentive or promotion at the end of the year. Only those who consistently perform badly get fired or asked to resign. The tradition of issuing warning letters before firing an employee shows that the organizations want to give an opportunity to their employees to perform well before saying a final good bye.

Those who are unable to perform according to their job description have few traits which should be avoided by the employees who are concerned about their future and should follow them as their own Values.

The traits are;

Falling in love with your Job:
This is one of the major reasons of not performing well and thinking that they cannot be replaced as they are doing too good to be fired. They feel that they have a long list of achievements which can save their career and organization cannot afford to fire such a valuable resource.

This psyche takes years to grow in an employee. People work hard to find a job and even harder to be visible in early days. This hard work earns them few remarkable achievements. The confidence boosting achievements give them satisfaction initially and then a feel of being a pillar of the organization. They fall in love with their job after their outstanding performance. It leads them to go beyond their job and they keep repeating something which they have been doing for years even if the need of the job is changed. They do not learn new techniques and do not pass on their experience to their junior which is actually need of the time. This lack of professionalism can cause joblessness for them. Warning letters for such experienced employees normally do not serve the purpose.

Enjoying Comfort Zone:
To be excellent in something, someone has to work repeatedly and creatively. Creativity brings innovation and repetition brings excellence. Organizations need and encourage both however they are more into innovation which earns brings business for them but repeating the same job for many years actually does not help. The tenure based promotion policies forces the organization to promote them but their productivity does not meet the expectations of the organization’s objectives. The employees actually start enjoying the skills they have been practicing for many years and do not learn new things to avoid being over worked.

Learning a new technology or skill has always been a painful and time consuming process; employees may have to stay in the office for late hours. Those who are not open to change and are in a comfort zone with their existing job do not accept any technology, they do not welcome any change in their job description even they resist to any internal rotation to other departments. (To be more precise, they do not like to change their seat even). Organizations need dynamic individuals and the “comfort zone employees” are never beneficial for them.

Resisting to Promotion:
There are few how resist to their own promotion, only because of the expected work load. They do not enjoy any additional task. Promotion does not mean additional salary only; it brings additional responsibility as well, something you are answerable for. If you are a dynamic individual then you must take responsibility (organizations pay for that). If you are capable in handling complex situations and organization is willing to groom you as well but you are not ready to take the responsibility, you are resisting to your promotion to the next level then sooner or later, you will be history.

Not My Job:
This statement has become a phrase of almost every organization irrespective of the corporate sector or other business world. Employees need to understand the sensitivity of this phrase. This can cause a serious damage to their careers. Every employee has his role and responsibility within his domain however it does not mean that he is not expected to do things which are beneficial for the organization but were not the part of their domain. “Thinking out of the box” is introduced for those who do not think beyond their job description. “Not my job” means you are not interested in job. If something is not your job but somehow reached you, it is always wise to do that and then to escalate to the higher management to introduce a process to get things done in an organized way or to punish the culprits who job was this and did not perform.

Not my area of interest:
Not doing something because we do not have interest and thus do not know how to do that, is not a justification for any employer. They will insist to learn and implement without any delay. While doing a job, one thing must be kept in mind that you can give 200% to the task you like to do but you have to give, at least, 100% to job you are not interested in. “If you do not have interest in that, develop your interest or leave the job” will be the answer. It is never a good idea to restrict ourselves to one department and keep doing the same job for years. Corporate sector has a habit of following rotation (to different departments) policy. It is one of the best inventions of modern business as exposure to different worlds enhances your skills of people and tasks handling and it improves your overall performance. None of the employees should resist to rotation even if takes to those departments which are not of your interest. Such resistance can close the doors of further promotions initially and can be a threat to the job, in the longer run.

Diverse experience is one of the best traits of the highly professional people of modern business world and same should be practiced by those who want to a role model for the coming generations of the business field.

Originally published in The Express Tribune

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