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Pakistan needs citizen paradigm of national security

ISLAMABAD: Experts demanded that the security establishment should broaden their definition of security while talking into account the human and citizens’ security. The speakers at a seminar on ‘Rethinking National Security: Lapses, Threats and Strategies, organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) said that the current paradigm of national security have to be shifted into citizen pattern.

The double game with different stakeholders and military’s penetration into country’s affairs such as politics and economy should end now and the army should focus more on professionalism and defending the country against worsening internal and external threats, they said.

On this occasion, Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) Chairman Imtiaz Gul said that in fact Pakistan has no policy for addressing the issue of security or terrorism. “Pakistan has only tactical strategy for targeting violence,” he said.

He said that no consequences for security lapses would be visible, if there would be no transparency or accountability in the system. He said that these days, there is a lot of pressure to make the security apparatus accountable. “More than 50 percent is being engaged on various fronts and security apparatus is under attack,” he added. Speaking at the seminar, Analyst Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy said that incidents like Abbottabad and attack on PNS Mehran proved that the security apparatus is not doing their job.

“Pakistani military has failed to be professional as no professional defense forces involve in the economic activity, they concentrate only on defending the borders,” he said. It is very shocking if they were really unaware of the presence of Osama Bin Laden, the analyst said.

Due to the double game, the Pakistani security forces are under attack from two sides, he said. Hoodbhoy said, “They are pressurized by US and devastated by militants.” The result of the ongoing policy is that many people in US, European countries and Japan are unwilling for further payment to the country, he said.

There are two cards that Pakistan is using as blackmailing the world that are Taliban and nuclear assets, he said. “The nuclear assets were supposed to be hidden and in case of destabilization, these can go anywhere, that is blackmailing,” he said.

He said that Pakistan should abandon Indian Centric approach and realize that Kashmir is business of brave Kashmiris. It also forgets about its strategic depth in Afghanistan and concentrates on other factors that could strengthen it. On this occasion Air Marshal (retd) Ayaz Ahmad Khan said that Pakistan is not facing any external threat at least in short run and internal threat are visible.

He was of the view that bunkers inside police and security installations could save a lot of lives. “For intelligence taxi and rickshaw drivers who travels in all parts of the cities could be used for intelligence services that could monitor suspected movements,” he said.

The speaker pointed out that most of the time terrorists are freed by courts, as the parliament passes no strict laws that could surely sentence such criminals. The security apparatus and the parliament failed to stop attacks and violent incidents and the government showed no ability to do more, they said.

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