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Cut the Butt; save Shahid Afridi and save Pakistani Cricket

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Shahid Khan Afridi commonly known as Boom Boom Afridi; all rounder and the former captain of Pakistan Cricket team announced his retirement from the International Cricket. After his breath taking bowling performance in International Cricket World Cup 2011 and taking tottered, demoralized and unstable Pakistan Cricket Team to Semi Finals. Where India Pakistan semi final was denoted as Mother of All Cricket Matches in Cricket history. He became the savior of Pakistani cricket.

According to cricketing sources, Shahid Afridi was unhappy with the team management and made harsh comments about them, after coming back from recently concluded successful West Indies ODI tour. It is reported in the media that Shahid Afridi expressed his concerns that he could not play under present Pakistan Cricket Board, just because board management did not respect senior players. Pakistan won that series by 3-2 margin under his captaincy. Unfortunately after these comments he was immediately replaced by Mibah-Ul-Haq as the ODI captain and he also was dropped ongoing ODI series against Ireland.

In an interview with a private channel right after announcing his retirement; he said “being captain I was not informed and consulted on team matters; even I was not sure of being inducted as captain for any upcoming cricket series.” He added that for him it was respect that mattered more. He; however apologized his fans within and outside Pakistan for not treating them with more fantastical cricket.

Shahid Afridi took over Pakistan team’s captaincy in difficult times and Captained Pakistan team very well, when it was going through extremely bad phase in the match fixing saga before World Cup 2011. Where Pakistan trio was targeted by International cricket Board and banned from playing International cricket. Moreover Pakistani Wicket keeper Zulqernain Haider left team with prior information. Thus this was Shahid Afridi who with his “hot mind” united team and gave hope to Pakistani spectators. He promised he would bring cricket back to Pakistan. He fulfilled his promises he made to nation.

Most of cricket experts praised his efforts during the International Cricket World cup, where he gelled the team very well and lead from the front by giving match winning bowling performances in most of the matches. It was due to his captaincy that young Pakistani Cricket team reached Semi-Final stages of the World Cup 2011 and won 6 out of their 8 matches.

Under Shahid Afridi ‘s energetic captaincy Pakistan team got a new life and came with flying colors after so many years of bad performances and becoming victims of several conspiracies. Pakistan team Won 9 out of 14 ODIs under Shahid Afridi’s Captaincy.

Few critiques are viewing his resignation as a trend after success however cricket lovers would not easily accept his resignation rather would not hesitate in raising a “cut the Butt” slogan. Because most of the woes Pakistan Cricket Team is facing; are believed to be produced by incompetent management.

Politicizing such organizations leads to disasters; Ejaz Butt took over the reign of PCB from Dr Naseem Asrhaf on 6 October 2008 with special favors of president Asif Ali Zardari. Five Captains changed during his stunt as PCB Chairman, which speaks very well of his management qualities. Despotic Ejaz Butt keeps most of authorities in his hands e.g. selection of team and selection of captain that varies from series to series. During World Cup Pakistan was only team out of all teams that announced captain for World Cup one week before the commencement of series. Ejaz butt and Company has made a huge blunder by removing sincere and hardworking cricketer and a intelligent Captain like Shahid Afridi.

In the end I just want to say that if PCB really wants Pakistani Cricket back on the right track, then they need to pay heed to the ongoing issues between management and captain. PCB has to be very consistent with their decision making, continuous changing of captain and team management has dented very badly the confidence and the performance of the Cricket Team.

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  1. Its heartening to listen to the news of Afridi’s retirement comming in this fashion. He had a illustrious career and he was a pure entertainer not only for local fans but also internationally. Our most of the greats left the cricket in such controversal ways . There may be problem with players mind set and the board management. There is also a immature attude from players side like it happened that most players announced retirements in response to some board decisions and later they backtracked . There is no credibility of the board as well as the players. Why board gives so much powers to captain so as if he is the boss around. Shoaib akhtar also left in a similar way

  2. He fulfilled his promises he made to nation,now it`s time for the nation to stand-up for Shahid Afridi and raised the slogan “Cut the Butt“to assured Afridi that his fans are with him,so please come back!Our Cricket time needs you Afridi.

  3. Dear afridi come Pakistan and we will join you in Lahore and protest in front of gadafi stadium we will not go from there until the board will be not dissolved by the Government. Give this call in media all cricket lover will be on your side


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