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Either you are with them or with us


“Either you are with them or with us?” this was the question to Decide the fate of Pakistan for coming years. A question that was asked by the superpower and the person to reply was a dictator in search of ways to legitimize his power and recognition. The answer was given, but in reality, the sovereignty was also sacrificed with the answer. He presented freedom cutting own wings and handing over to others. Pakistan had a long history of going under such situations where Pakistan is always left with only one option. Ironically decision makers never hesitated in compromising the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Circumstances remained changing however answers have been same endorsing what U.S. wanted, in both cases whether elected government or dictator holding position. However the unfortunate Pakistan conclusively lost its sovereignty – the power to govern own affairs. Drone attacks are frequent and score is 2377 yet not out in 244 strikes, listen to, and follow “Do mores”, and to follow this new chapter of missing persons in history of Pakistan. Sovereignty is only left in the statement of our beloved president, “Pakistan is a sovereign country”.

“Reaffirming the purpose of the United Nations to develop friendly Relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal Rights and self-determination of peoples and to take other appropriate Measures to strengthen universal peace”

Above are the words from the UN general assembly resolution. How ridiculous that United Nations resolutions differing from country to country and not addressing on equal grounds but U.S. is above all UN resolutions. U.S. wish to stay as super power keeps it busy in interfering in the other nation’s affairs. In recent bid President Obama, set a new stage where Pakistan is going to face more dictations. In recent visit U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear that Pakistan had no choice but to be decisive in war against terrorism. “There can be no peace, no stability, no democracy and prosperity for Pakistan, unless the violent extremists are removed.”

In wake of her recent visit forces are considering selective attacks on North Waziristan. Pakistan nation should not expect others to respect its sovereignty because our rulers are not ready to respect and guard our own sovereignty.

Here I would like to quote fellow blogger Sana Saleem:

There is a dire need to reconsider and understand the meaning and importance of sovereignty, honor, and integrity. Right now, they mean different things to different people. For some, sovereignty is compromised by U.S. interference in the country while others think it is the terrorists we need to worry about and not our allies.



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