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PNS Mehran investigations in a totally confounded maze

KARACHI: The investigators investigating the recent attack on PNS Mehran, Naval base are still groping their way in a total maze, confounded for a real way out. After expressing the possibility of involvement of various international intelligence and other subversive agencies, the intelligence and law enforcement elements have also included seminaries based near to the base, in their investigations.

The investigating intelligence agencies had already expressed the possibility of involvement of such anti-Pakistan agencies as Indian RAW, Israeli MOSSAD, Russian KGB, the Uzbek outfit Islamic Jihad and Russian terrorist organization, Hazaf; while suddenly the possibility of seminaries’ involvement struck their minds, after which they have sought the cooperation of police in the matter.

After scrutinizing the details of these seminaries, there is a strong possibility of searching these seminaries and interrogating students and others. Meanwhile the interrogating team has received the initial forensic report, prepared entirely in Islamabad, which has established the entire used arsenal as of Russian make; except the walkie-talkie sets which have been discovered to be of American make, possibly from NATO inventory.

The attacking team used Kalashinkov rifles, 222 rifles, and LMGs (light machine guns). The Kalashinkov rifles fired 860 bullets, 165 bullets from 222 rifles and 29 rounds of LMG: 12 hand grenades, four Kalashinkov rifles, and 55 bullets have been discovered live.

The report also indicates that all rifle cartridges were manufactured at end of 2008, while the rifles used were seven to eight years old. The forensic report has indicted that all soldiers were fired at from 100 meters, distance.-ONLINE

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