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Musharraf: Obama is arrogant

WASHINGTON:,U.S. President Barack Obama is showing “arrogance” in the aftermath of a mission that killed terror leader Osama bin Laden, said former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in an interview that aired on CNN Thursday night. Musharraf further called the May raid an “act of war.” “Certainly no country has a right to intrude into any other country,” Musharraf told Piers Morgan. “If technically or legally you see it, it’s an act of war.”

The American president said this week in an interview on British television that, if the opportunity arose, he would do the same thing again to take out al Qaeda terrorists. “I think such arrogance should not be shown publicly to the world,” Musharraf said. “I think it is arrogance that: ‘We don’t care. We don’t care for your national opinion. We don’t care for your people. We will come in and do the same thing.’ This is arrogance.”

Musharraf conceded that it was a “terrible mishap, a terrible failure” that Pakistani intelligence didn’t seem to know more about bin Laden’s whereabouts, saying they should have know he was living in a compound in Abbottabad, a short distance from a Pakistan military academy.

A Navy SEAL team killed the al Qaeda leader during a 40-minute assault on the compound in the early morning hours of May 2. Musharraf called bin Laden’s death “absolutely illegal.” Asked by Morgan if it was an unlawful assassination, he responded: “I don’t want to get involved in these legalities of the issue,” but “technically, theoretically, I’ll agree.”

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