So easy to be won??

PNS Mehran incident has left several questions unanswered. Questions that have made Pakistanis as nation dubious towards their Armed forces. same Armed forces once made Pakistan proud by protecting our boarders and fighting enemies with iron hands. However two consecutive incidents including killing of Osama bin Laden in a unilateral attack by U.S. Special Forces in Abbotabad and terrorists attack on PNS Mehran Navel Base has left Pakistan in state of bewilderment.

How easy it would have been for the six Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorists reach the high security area in heart of Karachi and destroying Pakistan’s Navy two very important aircrafts, leaving Pakistan’s marine surveillance at zeros. And how easy it would have been for the chief of Pakistan Navy Admiral Nauman Bashir to reject the impression that there had not been security or intelligence lapse.

How easy it would have been for two of the terrorists to escape after 16 hours siege from the same area where whole operation was being conducted. Whole media and politically skeptic public asking several questions from government and the Armed forces. Major chunk of Pakistan’s fiscal budget is dedicated to the maintainability and up-gradation of Army, however such acts leave nation in shock. One of the poorest nation in world wants justifications for their taxes going for army rather being spent on their developments. Armed forces now napping and bringing shame to nation while whole international community is already firing guns towards Pakistan.

Unarguably a huge part of world wants to undermine Pakistan’s Army and intelligence agency ISI. Intelligence agencies from Israel, India and U.S. always try to find ISI’s involvement in terror plans designed anywhere in the world. Regardless of false or factual nature of these attempts; embarrassment becomes the fate of Pakistani nation. PNS Mehran incident is an impressive example for us to learn, that we need in house cleansing. Intelligences agencies in Pakistan have several laurels in making war on terror triumph as U.S. ally, but we are unable to forget that incidents like PNS Mehran can not see the sun without internal support.

Nation was numbed over the May 2 incident, attack on PNS Mehran Navel Base has become an added factor to their embarrassment. Unfortunately a clear divide can be seen within nation on this issue. One who believe that our Armed Forces are incapable of looking after our sensitive areas, moreover supporting terrorist organizations for cross boarder intrusions. A group of liberals or semi-liberals demand that such elements internally should be accountable for their deeds regardless of their stature in Army or Government. Thus to avoid future embarrassment, because International media does not find any harm in proclaiming these elements as terrorists too.

Meanwhile other group believes that a make believe holocaust is fabricated to get away with an actual holocaust by external elements. Similar point is promoted in different manner as our security forces are not competent to look after own assets, thus Pakistan’s infamous Nuclear Arsenal can fall in hands of any terror organization including Al-qaida and they can use weapons against U.S. Thus unilateral operations are additional proof for supporting argument. However by just proving Pakistan’s security and intelligence agencies incapability; unilateral attacks are called justifiable. One more time preemptive doctrine is being waged to get in another war.

We need to learn from our mistakes, instead of being demoralized we should not give chance to others to destroy our sovereignty. Time has come when we need to demonstrate unity and fight collectively to diminish the derogatory reputation associated with Pakistan.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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