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“Security, intelligence, and moral laps”

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PNS Mehran, the latest keyword: for glaring headlines about Pakistan in whole national and International media. Another embarrassment and another opportunity for world to say Pakistan is incapable of dealing with terrorists. Whole standoff started with bunch of terrorists apparently attacking PNS Mehran ended up with 17 hours long operation that featured many casualties including 11 navy personals.

Pseudo intellectuals in Pakistani media found to be claiming this as unsuccessful operation. It is true that it took very long time to deal with the four or six terrorists, but it does not prove that it was not a successful operation, PNS Mehran is clear from terrorists now and relief in the air to some extent can be felt.

There are any lessons in recent operation like every incident teaches. Several questions have raised eye brows however there are few critical points upon which we are not only debating but creating more divides within a hetrogenised nation. Few factoids originated during this operation; could not persuade intellect to agree upon e.g. P3C Orin aircraft destruction. A jewel of Pakistani navel base targeted and destroyed so easily, a part of the location was captured and after a battle of hours things cleared up; opening path for the speculations and debates over the hand involved in said incident. Bashing and blame games are going on with out-matched limits while infamous hidden hand is mention and other group of people mocking it.

A security lapse was felt clearly and consensus was there regarding this, moreover a sense of agreement over an intelligence laps as well. Unfortunately in recent times bashing intelligence agencies has become regular menu of our tea times. Moral laps that could have been observed easily and time has come where we need to admit the fact, tough we would not ready to to but it is true. By the times brave Pakistanis, here I am little scared to say saving brave Muslims; as in recent history “Islamist” and jihadist are titles that are derogatory. Yasir and Ranger officer Javaid fought and sacrificed their lives for rest of the Pakistanis. Whole nation was praying for the success of soldiers with watered eyes and other group with differing opinions.

We have to think about it that why U.S., India, and UK have only 9/11, 26/11, and 7/7, whereas Pakistan faces this fuss 24/7/365. It is simply because they learned and understood things right after these dates and we are still in the state of denial where no one is responsible but every one is, Where we hate each other on the basis of “wings”, calling it “our war-their war”, “this is truth – and this is tampered” .. We shall get immuned the wounds of PNS Mehran now, because without any national consensus on direction towards the solution is impossible. Unfortunately unification and unity is becoming next to impossible, This is moral laps and we are all responsible for it.

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Rai M Azlanhttp://RaiAzlan.wordpress.com
Rai M. Azlan is an award-nominated blogger and published author. He is a Digital media, marketing, and communication professional. He holds an MSC marketing degree from the University of the West of England, Bristol. His love for books, old buildings, and sports forced him to express views over how the world is shaping around him. He tweets at twitter.com/Mussanaf and can be followed on Instagram at instagram.com/rai_azlan.
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