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U.S. to avoid any unilateral operation in Pakistan: Pasha

ISLAMABAD: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General Ahmad Shuja Pasha told to the CIA’s Deputy Chief that Pakistan Army itself would make decision to start operation in North Waziristan and once more rejected the U.S. pressure regarding operation in North Waziristan.

Well-informed sources revealed that Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General Ahmad Shuja Pasha during a meeting with Deputy Chief Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Michael Morrell had made it clear that it has the right of the Pakistan Army whether to start operation in North Waziristan or not, however, Pakistan Army will make decision in this regard itself. He emphasized that U.S. pressure would not bring any fruitful results in this regard, revealed sources.

He further added that in future U.S. should avert to launch any unilateral action in Pakistan otherwise it is apprehended that it would not only violate the sovereignty of Pakistan but also severely damage the ongoing war against terrorism.

The sources further exposed that during meeting the CIA Deputy Chief repeatedly demanded that Pakistan Army should initiate operation in North Waziristan against the ‘Haqqani Group’, however, General Pasha told that at the moment, Pak Army has been fighting against the militants on several fronts so it is impossible for us to open an other front.

Meanwhile Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said that USA has assured Pakistan that the incidents like Abbottabad operation would not be repeated without bringing the matter into the notice of Islamabad. However during an interview to BBC, U.S. President Barrack Obama has clearly announced that America would take same kind of action, if any high value target will be found in Pakistan.

Commenting the statement of U.S. President, spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said recently Pakistan and USA agreed that in future, joint operation would be conducted by the forces of both countries if it is considered necessary. She said that USA has given assurance that she will not take action alone in future.

“Pakistan, USA and Afghanistan agreed to start negotiations with Taliban for the restoration of peace in Afghanistan, but it depends on Afghan administration that it invites Taliban groups for the talks. Pakistan would support every effort for bringing peace in Afghanistan”, Tehmina added.

She said that the talks between Pakistan and India is going on in good manner as the peace between both countries is imperative for the prosperity, progress and build up the region. In this connection Pakistan is trying for fruitful talks. -ONLINE

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