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Tripartite peace dialogues between Pakistan, USA and Afghanistan to be held in June

Islamabad: The Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tehmina Janjua has said that tripartite dialogues between Pakistan, USA and Afghanistan would be held at Kabul in the first week of June to discuss restoration of peace in Afghanistan. Secretary Foreign Affairs Salman Bashir will represent the country in the talks.

While speaking to the journalists during weekly briefing at Foreign Office here on Saturday, she said that during the trilateral meeting the issues regarding the future ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan and different aspects of ongoing war against terrorism would also be come under discussion. She said that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and supports every effort to establish peace there.

“We are very keen to restart meaningful Pakistan India dialogue as we want to resolve all the issues on the negotiation table. India, so far had not withdrawn the list of 50 most wanted persons form Pakistan”, Tehmina Janjua added.

She said that Russia has sought details of the incidents from Pakistan, in which five Chechen nationals were killed at Khoratabad, Quetta. In the regard, Pakistan would provide the requisite information after completion of investigations but the assassinated people had Russian passports. .

She told the media that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would visit Pakistan but the date for her tour has not been finalized yet. The statements published in media on Pakistan U.S. relations have not any importance. President Obama and Hilary Clinton have already clarified it.

She said that Pakistan has different types of relations with USA, Russia, China and all three have separate importance for Pakistan. The spokesperson reiterated her resolve to continue the war against terrorism with full strength as this is not only the battle of USA but it also war of Pakistan, which she is fighting by keeping in view her own interests.

“Pakistan considers drone attacks assault on her sovereignty and USA would have to change strategy regarding this. Implementation of resolution adopted by the joint session of the parliament is the policy of the government.

She told the journalists that, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar would participate in international conference at Rome on 16 June on the invitation of Italian Foreign Minister in which the representatives of almost 126 countries would be there.

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