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Road signs and traffic sense among people of Karachi

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It is unfortunate that poor civic discipline is witnessed in almost every walk of life among Karachi citizens. What is the right course for Karachi citizens to follow in this difficult situation? The civic discipline and civic sense in the understanding of the structure, and also has the responsibility to form a society with respect and civic sense. The concept of civic discipline is closely related to the civic responsibilities of citizen.

There is a category of citizens in Karachi who lacks the sense of traffic, Economic strangulation of Pakistan play very important role in the lack of traffic sense among the people of Karachi. It is a Mega City of Pakistan and a business hub, population wise it is the 7th biggest city of the world, we can proudly say that when you move around the Karachi City you will find wide roads and streets, unfortunately you will regret to see on most of the main roads (what to talk about the small lanes,) you will find the traffic running in the wrong direction.

To gain high profits the transporters has overcrowd the public transport with commuters perched on their rooftops, on many occasions there are accidents and the poor and innocent citizens have to suffer injuries and sometimes with their lives. Furthermore, the drivers of public transport as well as private vehicles do not follow the traffic rules, it is a general impression that who follows the traffic rules are weaker citizens of the society, and they don’t have links with the high ups. Usually the drivers of private and commercial vehicles ignore signal lights, while the cops are present around the signals. It is also believed that traffic wardens remain busy taking bribes especially from the motorcycle riders.

It is also a misery that the encroachment on roads and streets (with support of police and political parties) clogging traffic flow, and none of our agencies has the courage to remove these encroachers, obviously Bribe is the reason behind the encroachments. You can not blame the pedestrians who walk on the road because shopkeepers and vendors display their wares on footpaths.

Under the circumstances Government therefore, should play the lead role to maintain its writ. The Government has to resolutely adopt a vision oriented approach to face the challenge. The honest and de-politicized police department with the help of liberal media can bring the traffic sense among the citizen of Karachi. Karachi police should impose heavy fine on unfit vehicles, cancel the route permits of smoking emitting and overcrowded buses playing on the road. The honest and efficient traffic police without accepting any political pressure could boldly and squarely face the crisis and meet the imperatives of Karachi traffic problems.

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