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Deteriorating security situation panicking Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: The current worsening security situation in Pakistan is spreading panic among the countrymen and government high-ups as due to the rise in number of terrorism activities, bomb blasts, suicide attacks and target killing incidents an average of 13 Pakistanis die every single day. A Pakistani research center on Friday reported that over the past seven years, since war against terrorism shifted to Pakistan from Afghanistan, total fatalities in terrorist violence stand at 33,467 Pakistanis.

In only 2010, almost 7,435 Pakistani people and security personnel were killed in 473 bomb blasts including 49 suicide attacks, the research center said. At least 200 people have been killed and more than 600 injured in more than 150 smaller or bigger terrorist attacks throughout the country. “The fact remains that Pakistan is burning because there is so much combustible material present right now, and the conflagration is spreading like never before,” said Khalid Saleem, a Pakistan based defense analyst told news agency.

He stressed the need of personal security for common Pakistanis and also linked it with the broad strategy to deal with the rising terrorism. “Despite its claims of success, the government has actually failed to rein the terrorist groups and provide security to the common man,” said Khawja Nazir, a resident of capital Islamabad.

Most of the Pakistani experts and commentators used to criticize militants when their attacks on security forces also killed some citizens but now the civilian causalities have become many times more than that of security personnel.

During 2010, the militants targeted 13 different places related to security forces in only Punjab, country’s eastern province. In such attacks on security agencies, many civilian had also been killed because the most of the security forces’ offices are located at busy public places. Whenever such kind of incident was happened people demanded the government to shift such installations from the populated areas but the demand never is fulfilled.

Earlier militants had been targeting only police, security forces and official buildings but since last one year they almost finished the difference between public and security sites. This shift of target shows that they want to hit any place and kill people at any cost which, according to experts, proves that they (militants) don’t want to win this war but to pull this country (Pakistan) into turmoil.

Terrorists did not spare the religious gatherings and the most sacred place “mosque” and killed hundreds of innocent people.
Since the year 2011 started, two important political ruling figures have been shot to death in broad day light in country’s capital Islamabad which alarmed the ruling class. First on Jan. 4, governor of the Punjab province Salman Taseer by his own gunman allegedly linked with some organization, for violating blasphemy laws, and second on March 2, federal minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti by Pakistani Taliban for the same reason.

In the month of January, 39 people and security personnel were killed in three different attacks including two suicidal in country’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). On Jan. 25, two suicide blasts targeted Shia minority processions in the eastern city of Lahore as well as in the southern port city of Karachi, killing 17 and injuring 50 others.

During January, other than bomb blasts, a wave of target killing started in Karachi which took the life of 39 and inured more than 50 persons. In the next month, on Feb. 2 a car bombing near a police station in Peshawar killed 10, on Feb. 10, a young suicide bomber in school uniform attacked soldiers at a Pakistani army training camp in Mardan, killing 32 troops.

In first week of March, more than 31 were killed including many policemen in two different bomb blasts in KP. On March 8, terrorist shifted their attention to Punjab province when a suicide bomber tried to enter an intelligence agency building but security guard injured him with firing, then running from the site he blew up the vehicle that killed 34 and injured more than 100.

On March 9, a suicide bomber struck a funeral for a local militia member and killed 38 in KP, which is the deadliest in 2011.
Most of the Pakistani defense analysts take these attacks from a different angle. They blamed the U.S. spy agency CIA cobra network for using the Afghan war veterans to achieve their vested interests in Pakistan through such attacks.

“Especially after the arrest of the American CIA agent Raymond Davis, that killed two innocent Pakistanis in Lahore on Jan. 27, my doubts about American involvement in terrorism in Pakistan got weight,” said Brigadier (r) Muhammad Yousuf, while addressing a forum on Friday evening. Yousuf further said we have to devise a comprehensive strategy to uproot terrorism network from our soil in which internal and external factors are directly or indirectly involved.

According to a short survey by Chinese news Agency in Islamabad, mostly people think that this new wave of attacks is more violent and security agencies have almost failed to stop them because unfortunately some of country’s own misguided people are materializing these attacks. “The police and security forces cannot stop such attacks single- handedly. We need to be united to defeat these terrorists,” they said.

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