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My Prediction: World Champion India

India has been exceptional throughout the tournament. And I predict that the new world champion will be India. Why I am so confident about that, let me share.

1. India has a large range of technically sound batsmen. Tendulkar, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Kohli, Raina and Yousuf Pathan can do miracles in favorable conditions. Their medium pacers and spinners are more effective when the opponent is under pressure.

2. Something really interesting, I would like to share. Six ladies won the titles of Miss World and Miss Universe within 7 years’ time. I really wanted to know as to what noticeable these Indian ladies had done that the others from around the world could not even be considered seriously. It did not take me so long to search the answer as Lt. Col. Jeelani wrote in a feature that India had the largest potential market for the cosmetic products, and the Western cosmetic industries were aiming at penetrating into this market in order to virtually colonize the region which could feed them for decades to come. The idea of giving titles of Miss World & Miss Universe worked really well.

3. The reason is very same for introducing India as World Champion because India is the largest potential market for cricket products, cricketers and revenue generation from the same game.

4. It is a land of bookies who can change the game from any corner. There is a wrong perception that they always get benefit if the favorite team loses. Spot fixing has opened more doors for them. They have different methods to force the cricketers of both the parties to perform badly. According to Sarfarz Nawaz, Hansie Cronje’s death is caused by the bookies. The threats can also play a vital role if Sri Lanka’s players do not perform according to bookies’ plans (if they are accessed by them)

5. International politics also lead towards the same. To prove world’s most emerging “greatest nation”, it is very important that India wins the world cup as great nations are always disciplined and have good repute in games as well. India needs to work a lot on to produce match winners and disciplined cricketers however it is important that they have the image for the same.

6. In quarter final against Australia, there was an appeal against Sehwag which was referred for review but the angel which could finish his innings was not showed. I am rather more doubtful because Sachin was not given not out Saeed Ajmal’s delivery. The ball was not turning as much as it was showed. Test cricketers have also raised their concerns over that especially when there are chances of intentional errors.

7. Sachin Tendulkar was not given LBW and Stumpped out with the help of “Technology” on Saeed Ajmal’s bowling. Saeed also said the same on media. He says, “?I don’t know how the television replays showed my delivery turning towards the leg side because I had bowled an arm ball and it went straight. I was 110% confident when the referral was made that the batsman was out.” Such decisions can also be taken in final when and if required.

8. India has a nationalist media which goes to any extent to support their team and to defame the opponents. Media always tries to put incredible pressure to the visiting teams. Sri Lanka can be influenced too.

9. Indian media creates visibility and they know how to present their players as super stars. It creates terror on the hearts of opponents or at least on the hearts of cricket spectators.

10. The best part of the Indian media is, they have presented their average players as super stars. Indian cricketers are excellent actors on screen and they do the same when they make hundreds, fifties or they bowled someone out. Their pictures and expressions can be threat to any player of the opposition.

11. Indian commentators have very good vocabulary and they use every good adjectives for their players even if they lack that quality. Commentators add that in their players and the spectators start feeling the same way.

Why can’t they

1. Below average bowling which can’t restrict teams (with the exception of cricket diplomacy) to score maximum runs. Bangladesh, England, South Africa and many others have recently enjoyed batting against weak bowling side. Bangladesh made 283/9 runs, England made 338/8, South Africa made 300/7 in 50 overs.

2. India’s top class batsmen do not perform under pressure. Their batting line up could not survive for complete 50 overs in 3 out of 6 group matches (268/10 vs Windies, 296/10 vs South Africa, 338/10 vs England and 260/9 in Semi Final. None of the batsman was confident while playing against Pakistan. Even Tendulkar struggled against Pakistan, under pressure and gave 6 chances to the fielding side (4 drop catches, 1 stump and 1 LBW). They are one of the weakest sides in terms of fighting spirit.

3. Sri Lanka’s batting, bowling, fielding, fighting spirit and mental toughness are far better than India’s team. They have fighters like Kumar Sangakkara, Jayawardene, Dilshon, Muralidharan, Mendis, Malinga and few others who can perform exceptionally well on any conditions. Each one of the above mentioned can change the game within few moments. And if we go through the attitude of Sri Lankan cricketers, we will find that they have always been on top against India.

4. The nature of relationship between India and Sri Lanka have, is not so different than the relationship between Pakistan and India. And that makes Sri Lankans furious in the field which has been exhibited for many times in all forms of cricket.

5. Sri Lanka is not diplomatically as weak as Pakistan is but it is only one strong out of the field factor which goes in the favor of Sri Lanka. Although on field, Sri Lanka is a far better side than Indian however these things are not sufficient if you are playing against India, especially in India.

As a cricketer, I will be the happiest person on earth if Sri Lanka wins as every cricketer like to see the best side winning however I believe India will be the world champion as it is designed. And “World Champion India” is beneficial for all, including ICC, media, international politics and international business need as it was a need of the time in 90s when the whole word came to know that Indian women are world’s most beautiful women. This time around, it will not be “Miss World” but it will be “Miss World Cup”.

About the author

Ahmad Fuad

Ahmad Fuad is working for Pakistan's largest cellular company, Mobilink, as a Corporate Training Specialist. He brings in over 9 years of diverse work experience in Trainings, Sports and Journalism. He is a Certified GEM international Trainer and has experience of conducting trainings from entry level to higher management for different domains of Customer Care, Corporate Accounts, Contact Centers, Customer Care Centers, Franchise Centers, Admin, Sales, Backend Support, Admin and Credit & Collection Departments of different organizations like Mobilink, Daily Khabrain, LINKdotNet & Beacon House School Systems etc

Ahmad is a regular writer of Business and Sports pages of Daily Tribune and Manager Today. He has worked as a professional sports journalist for Daily Khabrain and has been writing bi-lingual articles since 1996 in different national and international News-papers & Magazines (Daily Nation, Daily Times, Daily News, Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, Urdu Magazine, World Times, Urdu Digest etc)


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  • Well, I think for Asians, TOSS is very important, specially against indian crowd, any opponent will feel the heat while chasing, i wont declare indians a favorite straight away,

    Srilankans plays as a team, they dont have many superstars but they all together makes difference, infact Toss is important for Indians here not for Srilankans because Srilankans have capability of chasing as well, but if India loose toss today then certainly Srilankans will be favorite to win,

    I declare Srilankans as favorites, as they believe in hard work, whereas indians are looking over confident to me specially after beating Pakies, Sehwag is not fully fit n not in form, Sachin have a repo not to form in big matches, Dhoni again not in form, and their bowling is below average as usual.

    Whereas, Srilankan Openers will b the first threat for Indians, then Sangakara is in good form, out of first three batsmans, i think one will make a BIG TON today,

    In bowling n Fielding, Srilankans are much much better, Malinga and Muralli can demolish any batting line up, Malinga has the capability to trap Sehwag / Sachin Early.

    I think, Srilankans have been under rated by the media, they have many silent features to win this cup which has not been highlighted.

    But we will have a good match today, Lets see.

  • SIR u rox ;p kamal likha ha ;p maza agya ;p its funny bt on the other side ;o its worth thinkin abt ;p they planned everythin n now they successfully proved themselves ;p bt nyways the plannin of our enemies gave us hope n united us ;p as v r nt protestin our defeat but celebrating v chocked them ;p atleast ; by jus our unity ;p

  • Ahmad, interesting analysis, correlations and conclusions. I may disagree with the analysis but but at least your perspective is very interesting and out of the box. Keep it up:)

  • Fuad is a visionary writer. I’ve been reading his articles since 2003. He’s a brilliant analyst.
    This write-up is awesome as it contains the undeniable facts, hard-to-counter arguments and scintillating vision.
    I request him to keep writing…

  • Ahmad Faud wants to prove that India has no capibility to be no 1 team in Cricket but is no 1 because of bookies, incorrect technical systems ans Indian guls were favoured in world competitions due to huge cosmetics market….I remember of one interview on youtube where a guy was blaming BJP for terrorist attack in mumbai on the same night which later proved to be…every one knows…How could you think so negative about a country’s achievements. Either you are jealous or sick. On the other side, yes, being an Indian I accept the fact that few things might be correct but my friend please remember this one “Jo jeeta wohi sikandar, baki sab bundar”. What pakis need is acceptance of the facts not justifications!

    • Vinayak – now when India has lost in so badly in England.. I recall example quoted by you… “Jo jeeta wohi sikandar, baki sab bundar”

      aur bandar bhi agar world champion ho to maza hi alag hia 🙂

  • Pakistan is a failed state and Pakistanis are always in the state of permanent denial. It doesnt make any difference of a Pakistani’s view on any other country’s achievements as they are good at cooking stories and framing conspiracy theories. 😉