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Private Schools lucrative business in Pakistan

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Nationalization of school in 70’s destroyed the education system in Pakistan. Standard of education went very low. Interestingly everybody talks about literacy but no one is concerned about the quality of education, most of the government schools in rural and urban areas are operating in papers. Government tries to show to International community that several efforts are being done and a heavy spending for improving educational system ultimately working to eradicate illiteracy. It is pity that the amount allocated in budget for education goes into the pocket of vested interest person.

At present, two types of education systems exist in Pakistan; one is Government school system and other private school system. Poor people are forced to send their children to Government schools, where the potentials of a young student is undermined. These government schools are in worst conditions due to corruption and non availability of funds and above all most of the school teachers are unqualified. Ghost schools have made situation more worst, because regular funds are allocated to those schools. Unfortunately despite the matter of Ghost schools has been taken up in the media constantly, but education department is not taking appropriate action, furthermore high ups in government do not peep into such grave issues.

Major problem with education system in Pakistan is unequal lines on which education is being provided. There are different mediums of educational system in both public and private sectors. Thus it has created disparity among the students of different segments coming from different schools. Unfortunately education system has divided the students among two categories (Urdu medium and English medium). It has been made difficult for the  students who studied in Urdu medium schools to get better and high profile jobs. Apart from these problems; a very vital issue has not yet been considered i.e. gender discrimination; stats show the ratio of boys and girls which is almost 10.4 respectively, specially in government schools in villages.

Earlier in 80’s when private sector was re-emerged all over Pakistan, the education sector was transformed as industry where people have started investing and they found this business very lucrative. The ratio of income from school business is unbelievable, the reason of such success was due to the public disappointment with the performance of government schools. Thus concerned parents started running after these newly established schools in the hope of giving good education to their children’s. furthermore parents were forced to pay the fees according to the demands.

Another mafia within the school system is teacher mafia, who work very systematically; at the end of the day lot of Home Work is given to student, and to complete the daily Home Work parents has to engage private tutors or send the children to tuition centre which are run by the Teacher Mafia put additional burden and stretching resources.

Furthermore, to make their business more attractive and to justify the increase and charging heavy monthly fees, a parallel system of education was introduced which has its deep roots in the society (A level and O level) by introducing this system they have created status-quo in the society. pertinent to mention here is that minimum monthly wages in Pakistan is Rs 6000/- . Whereas, the fees of average private school is not less than RS 5000. monthly. It doesn’t end here they keep on demanding money on one pretext or another. Thus the parents are suffering and are under tremendous pressure due to the school system in Pakistan.

Government is requested to develop programs for improving school systems within Pakistan. Rulers must pay heed to the children’s of their poor voters studying in pathetic government schools.  It is requested that measure should be taken to save the middle class  from the curse of private schools and teacher mafia. The people in the government are constitutionally and morally bound to improve the education system in Pakistan

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  1. This is not a discussion about your private schools in Pakistan..Its all about Public schools..You must change your title..


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