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PPP not to quit Punjab govt at any cost

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LAHORE: Federal Minister of Environment Samina Khalid Ghurki Wednesday urged the PML-N to give up politics of blackmailing and announced that the PPP will not quit Punjab government at any cost. Talking to media men at PPP Lahore Office, the federal minister said the PPP leadership and its coalition government believe in politic of reconciliation. She warned the PPP workers would response in same manner if the PML-N did not stop politic of blackmailing.

The PPP will not quit the government of Punjab and PML-N should understand the fact that the confrontation will derail the democratic system, she added. She termed the allotment of separate seats to unification bloc as unconstitutional and illegal and added the PPP was opposing it.

To a question, she noted that the PPP rendered great sacrifices for the masses and country, adding that PML-N leaders Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Ahsan Iqbal should refrain from criticizing the PPP. The decision about 10-point agenda will be taken after consultation with all allies parties, she underlined. No compromise over country’s sovereignty on the issue of United States national Raymond Davis and fake decumbent is not being prepared in Davis’s issue, she clarified.

Samina Khalid made it clear that the new provinces would be set up under the constitution, adding that the PPP would appear in the masses court after resolving the issues of power and gas load-shedding, unemployment and terrorism during next two years. The present leadership of the PPP is flowing footstep of their Shaheed leaders and the power of the masses with them, she said. She said that, our leaders rendered their lives during struggle against the dictatorship and faced anti-masses enemies.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani spent a busy day on Wednesday consulting his coalition partners and political allies to reinforce the ramparts of his government against the onslaught the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-N is expected to launch two days later.

The PML-N has been beating war drums since it declared that its negotiations with the ruling Pakistan People’s Party on the implementation of its “10-point reforms agenda” had broken down and many of its leaders publicly threatened that the party would expel PPP ministers from the Punjab government.

Meanwhile Federal Law Minister Dr. Babar Awan has said that Charter of Democracy will not be defiled as it was approved by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Addressing an oath-taking ceremony of Supreme Court Press Association on Wednesday, Babar Awan said that the nation would decide who strengthened the institutions and who was working for the stability of democracy.

He suggested that those who were talking about revolution should decrease the size of their houses, adding that those who were talking about democracy want to strengthen democracy through ‘lotaism” and horse-trading. We have ended the tradition of lotaism through 18th amendment and the nation knows who are involved in lotaism, Babar Awan underlined.

The law minister pointed out that the PPP was also in the favour of judiciary activism as it was beauty of the democracy like political activism, parliamentary activism and journalism activism. There are no political prisoner and no case against the opponent in the courts in the PPP government, he added.

Babar Awan hoped the government would complete its tenure and the elections would be held in 2013 and added that the Election Commission has been made free and sovereign. He announced one million rupees for SC press association and noted that the government wanted the welfare of the journalists and no restrictions would be imposed on journalism.

Furthermore Federal Information Minister, Firdous Ashiq Awan also emphasized that PPP is not afraid of any deadlines and pledged government will equivocally retaliate to every attempt of betrayal. While talking to media outside the parliament house in Islamabad, she said deadlines are merely given for headlines.

She said PPP has performed brilliantly while in opposition and we are not afraid of any deadline. She said apart from 10-point agenda, government is seriously working on economical reforms and soon positive results will come out. “Choice in politics is very limited and no other party can play the role of opposition in Punjab as efficiently as PPP can”, she asserted. We will ensure to implement the policy, which the party leadership will suggest, she added.

Related to political attacks on PPP, she said we are well aware of the political tactics and will respond in the similar way. She further said threats or deadlines in politics are not the right ethics to practice. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that statement of Sindh Home Minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza was the reaction of PML-N’s statements. Hinting the PML-N’s behavior with PPP in Punjab, she said our ministers are maltreated in province despite being part of the coalition. -ONLINE

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