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Raymond Davis goes on hunger strike in Kot Lakhpat prison

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LAHORE: Detained U.S. Citizen Raymond Davis on Tuesday went on a hunger strike in Kot Lakhpat prison following his demands concerning food of its choice and removing cameras. Raymond Davis is being held on judicial remand in the Kot Lakhpat prison in the murder of two Pakistani nationals.

According to media reports, U.S. Citizen Raymond Davis went on a hunger strike in Kot Lakhpat prison after his legitimate demands according to him concerning food of its choice and removing cameras besides treating him like a gentlemen and not a prisoner were denied.

Raymond Davis while presenting his demands to the Jail Administration said that until his demands are not fulfilled he would not eat anything and will continue on a hunger strike in this regard. On the other hand, Jail Administration were of a clear-cut stance that U.S. Citizen Raymond Davis is a prisoner and not a VIP hence he will be treated like other prisoners.

They added that Davis would be provided food and accommodation like other prisoners languishing in Kot Lakhpat prison. Meanwhile Police officials in Lahore once again met with the officials of the US Consulate for handing over the car and the driver who crushed to death Abadur Rehman in Lahore.

SP Investigation Civil Lines captain (R) Malik Liaquat repeated his demand to the officials of US Consulate for handing over the car and driver. On this, the US officials said that they were in contact with the Federal Government but could not get any directives yet in this regard. SP Civil Lines said that Provincial Home Department also wrote six letters to the federal government in this case but no reply was given yet.

According to sources Kot Lakhpat jail has turned into a luxurious dwelling for detained double murderer Raymond Davis as Punjab Police has arranged a special chef to fulfill his desires of cuisine. Punjab government has appointed a special chef in Kot Lakhpat jail who exclusively cooks food for Raymond Davis of his cravings. Kot Lakhpat jail is included in one of the notorious prisons of the country where mostly prisoners who are convicted in serious crimes are detained, sources added.

It is also learnt from the sources around four thousands criminals are detained in Kot Lakhpat jail where huge number of visitors come to meet them on daily basis. Since Raymond Davis has shifted in this prison, Punjab government has placed a strict ban on visitors, sources added.

Sources told due to security reasons, trial of Raymond Davis from February 25th will start carrying out in the Kot Lakhpat jail instead of the session court, which the state lawyer requested during initial proceedings of the case.

On the other side, Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has reiterated that federal government yet has not clarified its stance on this issue. He said quoting Prime Minister Gilani, “Raymond does not enjoy diplomatic immunity” whereas Federal Interior Minister has repeatedly turned down his statement saying, “he came to Pakistan on diplomatic passport”. “Raymond Davis is not a diplomat”, Rana Sanaullah said adding that neither US embassy has succeeded in producing certificate related to his immunity, nor federal government has provided any clarification.

Court allowing the conducting of U.S. national Raymond Davis’s trial inside jail premises, issued a notice for February 25, according to a private TV channel. The Punjab government on Tuesday filed a request to hold Davis’ trial in jail premises because of security concerns and keeping in view the sensitive nature of this double murder case. Subsequently, Additional District and Sessions Judge Yousaf Ojla accepted the provincial government’s request.

Moreover, the court directed that the upcoming hearing of February 25 will be held in the Kot Lakhpat prison. Currently, Raymond Davis is being held on judicial remand in the Kot Lakhpat prison in the murder of two Pakistani nationals.-ONLINE

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