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CIO Executive Dinner Discussion Powered by Microsoft Hashes Smarter Insights

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ISLAMABAD: Earlier it was called marketing. Now they say it is innovation that is pre-requisite to survival of even high value inventions. That is why leading businesses in latest information and communication technologies are not just sponsoring but pampering their professionals, researchers, software developers, and engineers to brainstorm for direly needed innovations.

Microsoft’s latest innovation is called CIO Executive Dinner Discussion. According to press release issued here on Monday, facilitating a greater alignment in partnership amongst the stakeholders, Microsoft powered a CIO Executive Dinner Discussion in collaboration with CIO Pakistan on the 18th of February in Lahore.

Bringing together an audience of the CIOs, Senior IT Heads, General Managers for IT, the CFOs and the CEOs from various verticals on a common platform, the Executive Dinner Discussion aims to rotate discussions that promote perspective-sharing on a more productive and a long-term relationship with Microsoft.

‘It is however, important for the client to share one’s challenge and vision with Microsoft in order to strike the right fit which serves the purpose of having the CIO Executive Dinner Discussions,’ comments Kamal Ahmed. Expecting a positive outcome from the Executive Dinner Discussion, Country Manager to Microsoft, Kamal Ahmed, reassures Microsoft’s willingness to work with the clients one-on-one to promote a better utilization of Microsoft solutions already sourced at many organizations.

This Microsoft sponsored event to be moderated by the Editor-In-Chief to CIO Pakistan, Rabia Garib, the Executive Dinner Discussion aims to enunciate the need to make investments that yield cost effective and timely results. This is only possible when a better understanding of the solution provider’s portfolio is presented, talking out one’s concerns as decision-makers or the influencers in an organization sit together in an adequate two way discussion with lateral industry peers.

‘As an organizer to the event, CIO Pakistan has jumped on-board to provide a platform to the invitees to the exclusive Executive Dinner Discussion powered by Microsoft that brings an opportunity to the existing clients of Microsoft to use the services more efficiently in overcoming organizational and operational challenges,’ comments Rabia Garib.
As per the agenda to the event, CIO Executive Dinner Discussion intends to touch base on topics that make efficiency possible on Microsoft-Powered Infrastructure including Unified Communications, Consolidation, Virtualization, and other Best Practices that can be employed within an organization. Making it a realizable goal, subject-matter experts from Microsoft will be present at the Executive Dinner Discussion to provide one-on-one consulting time to the attendee on challenges faced on how to resolve them.-ONLINE

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