Terror forces Peshawar police to stop using sirens, blue lights

Peshawar: Peshawar police has stopped using the sirens and blue lights on tops of their security vehicles since increased terrorist attacks on law enforcement officials in Peshawar and outskirts. Well placed sources within law enforcers told that security officials in Peshawar are frightened because of mounting violent attempts on their vehicles. They now also prefer using tinted windows of the cars to disguise their identity.

Police officials including traffic police workers have removed blue lights from their vehicles in Peshawar city and in the suburbs. It is also learnt they are using private vehicles for patrolling instead of those with green number plates.

Police has put a strict ban on private vehicles with black tinted windows and has instigated a campaign against them, sources told. Patrolling in outskirts of Peshawar has become rare because of increased security threats.-ONLINE

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