Target killers don’t belong to MQM or ANP, says Malik

KARACHI: Federal Interior Minister, Rehman Malik on Saturday reiterated that detained target killers have no connections with MQM or ANP, instead they misused parties’ names to bolster political confrontation. He expressed these thoughts at Karachi Chamber of Commerce while addressing the inaugurating session of National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) here in Karachi on Saturday.

He said opponents have tried to defame PPP after signing the charter of democracy. PPP and MQM have not signed any accord, but both are moving forward holding vision of their party leaders. “A number of extortionists and gangsters were arrested and have come to know they don’t have connections with MQM and ANP, instead they used party identifications to create confrontation”, Rehman Malik said.

He further said PPP and MQM are united to curb on target killing in Karachi and responsibility lies with state to unveil the conspiracies.

He said, “Businessmen have sacrificed a lot in the hands of target killers, in fact they are our heroes”. Business community is considered as backbone of the country, he added. He said we are rebuilding the environment of investment and to establish NCMC in Karachi Chamber of Commerce is part of same policy.

He requested overseas Pakistanis to send their remittances via legal ways. He warned money sent through Hundi or any other illegal ways would be confiscated because now we know how to track out Hundi capital.

He said what happened at nine-zero on Friday was enough for our opponents, as they were stunned to see PPP and MQM together. He said further efforts to bring MQM in federal government are underway.

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