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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Islamabad police takes steps to protect human and children rights

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ISLAMABAD : The deputy Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, Dr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman has announced that Islamabad police is taking full and effective steps for protection of human and children rights. Addressing the third batch of Masters trainers on the concluding event of police training and capacity building for human rights on Friday, he lauded the cooperation of European Commission in the project, which aimed at bringing awareness of human rights to police.

He stressed that the project provided a golden chance for the Islamabad police to train themselves regarding some of the most crucial issues of the society and improve their sense of duty. He also informed that three very important departments, Islamabad police National Child Projection Center (NCPC), and ministry of social welfare and special education were primarily focused for this project.

On conclusion of the event, the DIG HQs, Kamal uddin Tipu, thanked the European Commission for its cooperation in initializing the project, and hoped that police would fully utilize the aspects of the project. Influential and renowned figures also delivered exclusive lectures on such relevant issues like Islam and human rights, human rights and police responsibility.-ONLINE

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