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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

ICC Cricket World Cup; Chance to prove Pakistan’s love for Cricket

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The event is jointly hosted by three South Asian Cricket playing Nations Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. Fourth country on the list Pakistan was dropped from the ICC hosting list in wake of security problems in the country. The Lahore episode of attack on Sri Lankan team by terrorists became the main reason where the International Cricket Council had to take a decision and exclude Pakistan from its hosting rights.

The 14 matches which were supposed to be played in Pakistan were shifted and divided among the remaining three host countries accordingly, two matches were allotted to Bangladesh, four matches to Sri Lanka and remaining eight matches will be played in India. Thus it was a very disappointing decision for the cricket lovers in Pakistan, the opportunity of watching their cricket Hero’s from all over the world at their own home land is an a honor for any cricket lover.

However, now it is the responsibility of our cricket team who is playing under the leadership of dashing BOOM BOOM Shahid Afridi to bring World Cup to Pakistan as a gift to the low spirited Nation. This is one out-matched opportunity lies with them to remove stigmas on face of Pakistan. They can make it clear to the world that Pakistan does not believe in terrorism and an incident of attack on Sri Lankan Team(condemnable though) can not be so powerful to tag Pakistani Cricket in dying state. Such incident should not be misleading to adverse conclusion. Instead Pakistanis are very organized and peace loving nation they accept the decision of International Cricket Council without any reservation and have decided to participate fully in the 10th ICC Cricket World Cup, which shows the love of Pakistani Nation for the game of cricket.

More number of matches is distinct feature of 10th ICC cricket World Cup as 14 teams are playing unlike previous World Cups. More number of Nations participating, more thrill and more emotionalism.

Teams are divided in two groups, where seven teams will play from Group A and Group B, and the four top teams from the each group will qualify for Quarter Finals, once again the four top teams of Quarter Finals will proceed to Semi Finals, and the two winners of Semi Finals will come against each other for World Cup and the Final winner will be the world champion.

The teams divided in two groups as under.

Group A
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada, and Australia.

Group B
India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Neither Lands.

So far preparation of Pakistani team is very satisfactory, the confidence and morale of captain and entire team is quiet high because of the recent series team won against New Zealand, Moreover the nation is very confident and want to see that like the 5th World Cup; Pakistan will come home with trophy. InshAllah

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  1. I strongly agree that if Pakistan wins this world cup it would show how many cricket lovers there are here. Also it would sort of make up for the fact that we didn’t get to host the world cup.


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