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U.S. disappointed over unclear Pakistani stand on Raymond Davis immunity: Munter

Islamabad: Reacting to today’s hearings in Lahore, U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter said the United States is disappointed that the Government of Pakistan did not certify that Raymond Davis has diplomatic immunity. He added that the U.S. has made its position on this case clear.

“Senator Kerry’s visit to Pakistan manifested our intention to work with the Government of Pakistan to resolve this issue.” Ambassador Munter said. “As the Senator said during his visit, we want to work together as two countries that have a common interest in the same goal and find a path forward.”

Echoing Senator Kerry, the Ambassador added, “I would also like to convey to the people of Pakistan our deepest sorrow for the loss of life that occurred in the tragic incident in Lahore. We all feel the pain and the anguish of families who have lost loved ones.”

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