MQM, PPP strike agreement: No criminal prosecution of captured target killers

KARACHI: A secret agreement has been struck between the PPP and MQM regarding captured criminals involved in target killings in Karachi, according to the report forwarded to senior officials by the intelligence departments. As per the agreement the captured criminals would neither be presented before media nor would they be prosecuted in anti terrorism courts. According to the report, the criminals would be presented before the Judicial Magistrate in nominated cases of Section 13 D of Pakistan Arms Ordinance 1965.

On the other hand the report says that in the past 3 years 89 criminals have been arrested for their involvement in target killings, out of which joint interrogation report of 26 have been completed by officials of ISI, IM, IB Special Branch and Crime Investigation Unit. Out of the 26 criminals whose report have been finalized include 13 from MQM, One from Sipah-e-Mohammad, 6 from Lashkar-e-Jhangzvi, one from ANP and remaining 5 are from other parties.

The names of the 26 criminals against whom report has been finalise include MQM’s Habib ur Rehman, MQM’s Murad Akhtar Sadiqui, MQM’s Jamal Abdul Nasir, LEJ’s Wasim Ahmed, LeJ’s Muhammad Abdullah, MQM Tahir Ali, MQM Imran, MQM Sharikh Nafees, MQM Atif Rashid, MQM Imran alias Akoo, MQM Unis Bin Haroon, MQM Abu Irfan, MQM Muhammad Ishtiaq, MQM Rizwan Mehmood, MQM (H) Maqbool Hussain, LEJ Hafiz Akhlaq, LEF hafiz Bashir, SSP Nasir Qadiri, Muhammad Shoaib, ANP Mushawat Nawaz, SP Syed Ali Mehdhi, MQM H Azhar Ali and MQM (H) Abdul Aziz Ansari.

According to sources, orders have been given to stop joint interrogation of 63 target killers and 4 criminals arrested for their involvement in murder of reporter of private TV channel Shaheed Wali Khan Babar.-ONLINE

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