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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Gutka, Sheesha do not fall into the category of narcotics: Narcotics ministry

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ISLAMABAD: The Standing Committee on Narcotics Control has been informed that Gutka (popular sweet chew) and Sheesha (perfumed smoking pipe, added with fruits and other delicacies) does not fall into the category of narcotics, hence there could be no control over them.

The meeting, chaired by chairman Murtaza Javed, held in Parliament House on Thursday has stressed on government to run a campaign against these two articles, which were detrimental for public health; while also directing anti-narcotics ministry to prepare legalization regarding stemming the use of these two articles.

Additional I.G Sindh briefed the committee regarding steps being taken against use and dealing of drugs in Sindh; but since he lacked complete information regarding the subject, he came under severe criticism from committee members.

The I.G Sindh offered his deep regrets over his incomplete information, since he had recently been appointed to his post, and said that he had been given the briefing task only a day ago. The standing committee also directed the Sindh I.G to personally brief the next meeting.

Meanwhile the standing committee, was informed by the anti-narcotics force that assets of drug smugglers, which included nine houses, three additional properties, and some CNG stations would soon be auctioned of.

In this respect, it was also informed that the auction bids of three Peshawar homes of notorious smuggler Ayub Afridi had been reduced to attract more buyers, and informed that he had more property in FATA, which was legally inaccessible due to non-implementation of anti-narcotics law on the region.-ONLINE

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