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Court will decide Raymond Davis fate: Firdous

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ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan has said country’s integrity and prestige will not be put at stake with reference to Raymond Davis issue. Information minister was giving briefing to the media men on the decisions taken in the first meeting of cabinet after right sizing here Thursday.

She told all the participants of the meeting were taken on board with respect to Raymond David matter and consultation at length was made in regard to all the legal complications of this issue. It was decided that the matter was in the court and it was full mandate of the court to render decision in this case. The fate of U.S. citizen would be decided by the court, she added.

She went on to say that Raymond Davis issue was a sensitive matter and not a simple case. Law ministry, foreign ministry and interior ministry were engaged in consultation on this issue, she pointed out.

Responding to a question she said had Raymond Davis issue been so simple then its reply would have also been so simple. Statement given by U.S. Senator John Kerry was his personal opinion. On the other hand president and prime minister had made it clear on him during the meetings that “when we can not interfere in the court of any other country then no other country can interfere in our courts”.

She observed that Pakistan was not an affected party in Raymond Davis matter and there was no out of court solution to this issue. Replying to a question she said PPP did not want to open any new Pandora box. Government would not give in to any pressure in Raymond Davis case.

It was decided in the cabinet meeting one hour would be allocated in every meeting of the cabinet with reference to price list to check prices of food items, she said adding performance of all the ministries would be reviewed in perspective of resolution of problems facing the people. Finance minister briefed the participants on progress made so far on 10-point agenda of PML-N while the ongoing talks on economic reforms were described positive, she pointed out.

She told if any member of PPP including Fouzia Wahab had breached discipline then party leadership would decide in this respect. About the fate of contract employees, government would present its stance in the court in better way, she said adding it was prime responsibility of government to respect verdicts of court.

She was of the view that country needed institution like National Counter Terrorism Authority so that it could play its role with reference to mindset and causes of terrorism. Due to reservations voiced by some members of cabinet, the matter was deferred and a 4-member committee was constituted on this count, she told. Committee would comprise interior minister A Rehman Malik, law minister Babar Awan, minister for inter-provincial coordination Raza Rabbani and minister for SAFRON, she informed. The committee would again review all the matters and make consultation with provincial governments, she maintained.-ONLINE

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  1. Pakistani government must ensure that Raymond Davis must be tried judicially in Pakistan. If Pakistani government surrender the ruthless American terrorist to the US regime, the people of Pakistan will overthrow Pakistani government.

  2. dear abdul ji,
    for your information government and friendly opposition
    already have almost completed their period. what they will do or deliver to ppl of pakistan. they are worry only dollars, not worry about the ppl of pakistan. tell me what they did. they kill their one leader and start to tears inforn of ppl of pakistan and get the chair. yar this is biz for these politicians. now they failed to prove davis immunity and transferred to the head of chief justice. is this fair ? now they are tearing infornt of dollars, sir do not depart from us. we did all but pakistani media,shah mahmood quershi and general hameed gul gave awareness. I saleem to shumaila baitty who proved to give her beloved life – I need justice, my demand justice. why not government understood after getting the message of shumaiala death. with mutual understanding they took back authority for fouzia wahab. if she gave wrong statement then our government handover fouzia wahab to the court and court must give punishment to the beautifull smiller life sentence. our leaders, especially ppp and (N) parties are working for the properity of america and ppl of american, bcz. their assests are their. they bully to come in pakistan and take their slice of treasury. please for God try to understand these ppl. they have their own hospital, educational well known institutions but for their own treatment they go usa or london . their kids and grand kids are studying out of country.

    mery masoom quoam kab aankhain khol ghi jab tumray bachay naghay aur inn kay bachoun kay ghulam ban jayian ghay.

    jaag pakistan jaag aab waqat-a-shahadat ka aah hay. taray baitty,sister calling you from the american jail.

    dua go pakistan
    rai zafar jarral

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